Saturday, 21 October 2006

Melvyn Bragg Sex God.

There has been one TV show that made Old Knudsen scratch his head and ask himself,"what kind of twat watches this stuff?" well that was before I knew Foot Eater, question answered.
The South Bank Show, a lively arts magazine show, what? lively? when did that happen? everytime I turned it on Andre Previn or some other boring fucker was on it, and if the person or subject was vaguely interesting trust The South Bank show to make it dull, an example of one of their shows was 'Choirs and the places where they sing' yeah good stuff, or a poetry workshop with dance, did their poems rhyme? I think not.
The main man of The South bank show was Melvyn Bragg, pig ugly, a horrible name and thick regional accent, what made his accent worse was that he sounded as if he needed to blow his nose, he always sounded congested, look at the picture (hes on the right) this is him on a good day.
Soon theres going to be a show on George Michael, now George has this little problem he just cannot be discreet, the lad is at the end of his career his best years are over and now any publicity is good publicity so what does he do? he smokes a joint while hes being interviewed.
The interview took place in Spain now Old Knudsen surprise surprise doesn't like the Spanish, I may have a link up to one of them (wherever he is) but that's different, I've never forgiven them for attacking us in 1588, those bastards and their Armada, but me and Charlie Drake sent them packing, "go breed with the Irish ya dirty goat chucking dagos" I shouted with my clenched fist punching the sky, no offense to any slimy spics reading of course, "Buenos aires amigo" I can tell you're all impressed, a man of many talents is Old Knudsen. So as I was saying, marijuana is legal in Spain, and George did everything but hold up a sign saying 'look I'm on the pot' , he said that pot keeps him sane, now I'm no doctor, I may wear a white coat and walk around hospitals writing on charts but really even I know you don't prescribe Marijuana for nutcase syndrome, then George went on to say that its not very healthy (another non medical opinion) and you can't afford to smoke it when you're got anything to do, oh really Mr Michael, like driving you mean, about a month ago George Michael stopped in traffic and forgot to drive again, like you do, he was found slumped over the steering wheel of his car in North London, this is George Michael sane, never trust a man with two first names, that Paul Simon bastard owes me £5.00 , I doubt I'll see that again.

After the George Michael programme The South Bank show will then do the history of British Coal a 5 part series with composer Andre Previn.


Fat Sparrow said...

If George Michael is the poster child for smoking pot, then it would be the easiest thing in the world to keep kids off the pot.

You stole my subject matter for my next post, you fucker. I thought the deal was that I got the drug-related stories, and you got the tittie-related stories.

Belinda Cockbox said...

and I get the minge related stories. if this is going to work we need to keep off eachother patches!"!!!!!


Belinda Cockbox said...

but I cant stay mad for long I have rited you a peom anbout your ballsacks.

Dick Headley said...

Slandering Mr. Bragg on Remembrance Day! This time you've gone too far Knudsen.

Foot Eater said...

Melvyn Bragg is a bit of a luvvie, though you must admit that song of his, New England, is pretty good. I saw him in 1999 performing with Kirsty MacColl before that speedboat hit her and snuffed out her candle. His regional accent was Cockney then; I've no idea what happened to his voice after that.

Old Knudsen said...

fat sparrow don't come round here throwing your weight around , your fame has gone to yer head. Emerald Bile,I know you're a regular reader, only when you put up a link to me and have it up for a week will I consider putting one of you up, play tough with the big kids.

belinda cockbox your patch is wet and sticky, you could use it to catch flies with, your poem was beautiful, I may be in love.

dh oh no I'd hate to go too far, that fucker has had that poppy for 4 years now just to save money, while that is to be commended it is also to be reviled.

Foot Eater I'm sure Billy was on the South Bank Show also, vastly overrated,he needs to get stock aiken and waterman to write him some tunes and he also needs to smile and dance when he sings, the angry busker is so 20 years ago.

Foot Eater said...

Whoops, nearly forgot.

Q. What's white and slides down the wall of a Los Angeles public toilet?

A. George Michael's latest release.

It was funny back in 1998, all right?

Old Knudsen said...

You're a sick funny wee man, you have my pity.

Rob7534 said...

Poor George Michael.

Not only was he caught by the tabloids blowing another man in the woods, but they caught the other man too as he emerged. And he was older than dirt.

Talk about desperate!

Old Knudsen said...

I think old men have as much right to get blowjobs in wooded areas from faded pop stars as young men do, that ageism or some such nonsense. wake me up before you blow blow.