Monday, 24 September 2007

Knudsen World, Hot Weemen Ride Free.

Its no secret I've got a ton of blogs, and why? because I like to blog. I think most of my other stuff probably goes unread but who cares? I don't get around as much as I used to due to my excessive blogs and using dial up but since half of my links don't post much I try not to feel too guilty.

I blog because I have an opinion on everything and feel the need to express it, before computers I was ready to explode now its out there polluting the Blogosphere waiting to be found by some Arab that searches for the word 'fuck.' I like meeting the various people and enjoy a network of peeps worldwide, "get my man in Panama and ask him whats going on with the canal."

Here are the other Old Knudsen blogs that are on my sidebar, I have described them and justified them, visit them or not I don't reply to all the comments on them as that would be too much for me though I do see them all. Sometimes I post on every blog at one time or occasionally, they are a bit like food, what am I in the mood for funny, annoyed, pervy or serious?

Ask Knudsen: An agony blog where I solve the problems/humiliate desperate people with no where else to turn, because I care.

Bitter Old Balls: A blog that is a gallery of all the pictures of me because it really is all about me also I'm fucking beautiful, go a head wank away.

Fake Old Man Balls: When I write something and then change my mind as its not up to my own personal standards, its more like something you lot would do it ends up here.

Knudsen Justice: A dark depressing blog about rape, abuse and murder, to show people of the horror and injustices and to sway them towards the death penalty, that is unless you support murderers and pedos.

Knudsen Nation: The nation is an honour bestowed unto those brave souls who will fight to the death for me when I am ready to take over the world.

Knudsen Porn: I like weemen, I like to see them in a state of total or semi undress in fact I want to see everyone naked. Any pictures I see and like goes here .

Knudsen's Madeleine Rage: I've written a lot about the McCanns so I put it onto its own blog.

Old Ball Buster: When the other blogs are filled up but I still have some slagging to do it goes here.

Old Knudsen's Fans: When you blog drunk and leave a nice comment about me I put it up here to shame you.

Well Done Millie: My latest blog taking the piss out of my mate Manuel but its all done with love.............................. harsh cruel love.



Dear Bitter Balls,
How do I get people to stop lying about and defaming me online? Also, now where am I going to get hot phone sex from?

Manuel said...

More Blogs = bigger penis, fact....

Anonymous Boxer said...

You must take "Blog Viagra" to have so many posts up.

BTW, it would have been "nice" to add LINKS to your list of blogs.

Just sayin......

Old Knudsen said...

ubermouth Be nice to everyone and stop doing it to them maybe, phone Captain Smack hes hot.

manuel they call me the elephant man.

a boxer I have diarrhea of the mind. I thought about putting in links but I will not enable the laziness of my readers as its just in the sidebar.

Captain Smack said...


Old Knudsen said...

I was just on yer blog as you commented, very strange.

MJ said...

I've been getting bigger tips since I got my "Knudsen Nation" tattoo.

I don't think it's a coincidence.

Old Knudsen said...

Everyone either wants to be a Knudsenite or want to do a Knudsenite.