Friday, 1 March 2013

Retard Your Behaviour

You know the way Northern Ireland Loyalists will say that the Catholics killed during Bloody Sunday march probably deserved it and shouldn't have been there ..... they conveniently ignore that the British government have said that it was murder basically and that the soldiers were at fault.

These same Loyalists play the victims card non-stop these days. They don't realise how good they have it and that half of the world is laughing at their silly self entitled attitudes, oh the other half don't know about any of this fleg shite as no one cares .... yes that includes Amnesty International so quit phoning them. 

In Ballymena .... the home town of Liam Neeson. 52 year-old Trevor Ashcroft was arrested obstructing a road an disorderly behavior. He was also later charged with criminal damage to a police cell. 

This is the second time hes been arrested. It seems that Trev is a bit slow, according to the Loyalist Facebook pages he has the mind of a 12 year-old. 

The Loyalists are going nuts and calling the police every rude, disrespectful name under the sun as they claim that they beat him (they always say that) but I have a question. 

What kind of people bring a mong to a protest? 

You knew he was volatile yet you brought him to a potentially dangerous situation TWICE and complained when he got arrested.
Knowing 12 year-olds the fleggers got him worked up and he probably started something that the police had to end, 12 year-olds are wee mean fuckheads. 

Well done protesters, you bring old people, weemen and children and now tards out to yer protests in the hope that they get hurt so you can claim outrage .... you probably deserved it and shouldn't have been there. 
When the police start shooting at you then you can play the victim card, now you just look like whiny pussies who haven't yet witnessed anything close to police brutality.  

Let me know when this happens. Oh and you know what? since you keep saying that the IRA and Sinn Fein are in charge of the police did you know that they got priests in to bless the water cannons so when you were sprayed with water you got turned into Catholics as you were there voluntarily? ... yeah it's all true, the Pope told me. 
S/F have been calling for arrests since last year and no one listened, just because they have arrested people now doesn't mean anyone is still listening. Yer breaking the law .... fuck off to jail.   

I don't agree with the PSNI tactics for these protests/riots as I would shoot into the crowd and smash some heads merely for the disrespect they have shown for the Queen's flag and the Queen's law. Why are they called Loyalists? who are they loyal too? 
They are behaving more like traitors in my book and continuing the job the IRA have been doing for decades of ruining Northern Ireland. 

Scared stupid people who are being bred into a minority and they fear getting treated the way they have treated the Catholics. 

I do however say a big well done to the police officers as it is a difficult job especially when the judicial system doesn't back you up. The restraint you have shown by not putting these fools out of our misery has been amazing. 

I do have another question. Is there anyone in Ballymena with the mentality higher than that a 12 year-old?