Friday, 21 December 2012

Are We Still On?

The dead are attacking the living the History channel was right!

I originally started writing this post on April 27th 2009 and kept it on schedule until December 21st 2012 when the bloody Mayans believed the end of the world was to happen. I've revisited this post as the world and my life has changed.

Has it ended? Is Old Knudsen still here and posting?

I shall predict what happened on this day:

Buildings shall fall into the sea
We become cyborgs
Death from above
A new people will arrive
New disease we can't cure
Reality show gossip
Kim Kardashian will update Twitter wearing a new outfit and making an air kiss .  

The usual.

I don't believe the world will end and so what if it does?  Humans are cunts!

We don't deserve this planet and all its resources all humans have done is spoil. Living is nice and all but really what a pack of ungrateful wankers we are and we haven't learned from past mistakes we just keep on repeating them.   Look at the Fast and the Furious movies if you don't believe me.

Old Knudsen may be dead (thank you Mayans) and in case he is hes scheduled the odd post to pop up 2013 and beyond so fuck you prediction of doom.

Remember the good times even if you don't recall their names.

If I am still blogging in this inconsequential world of cyber shite then enjoy this post from the past.