Sunday, 2 September 2012

I Can Smell Yer Time Traveling Box

One of the few things Old Knudsen watches on the telly is Doctor Who. A TV show loosely based around Old Knudsen's life as a time traveling alien killing sex addict .
Last night was the beginning of a new series that introduced a new character played by Jenna-Louise Coleman

A tad predictable with the young hot genius type and the dialog was a bit clunky. Ya could tell it was written by a man who has never flirted with men.
On a positive note Jenna-Louise Coleman's character Oswin was also dressed by a man in a snug short red dress ..........FTW!

I like TV shows you can masturbate to thats why Benny Hill was so popular.

Amy, the Doctor Who companion on the way out didn't really do it for Old Knudsen. Maybe it was the Scottish accent.

The show was good but who is really afraid of Daleks? "Oh not they are going to plunge my anus, open the door! .......... in five minutes."


Its a good start for the show and a hot companion is a must which reminds me I must go back in time and dump one of my companions, why do weemen always try to change you? ......... nah I'll dump her via FaceBook and be 21st century modern.

Speaking of dump, gotta go.