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Gerry Adams: Villain Or Legend?

Gerry Adams is a divisive figure in Northern Ireland. He has long been the president of Sinn Féin, otherwise known as the political wing of the IRA though he has always denied membership of the IRA. While he forges out a career in the Republic of Ireland as a member of parliament there he is often seen on Northern Ireland television denying knowledge of something that occurred during the Troubles or just denying whatever claims are made against him.    

Adams with Jedward .... musical terrorism maybe? 

Adams was never in the IRA, sure he attended IRA rallies and funerals but that was because the IRA had the best buffets at those events. He doesn't even remember being the Officer Commanding of the IRA's Belfast Brigade who sent terrorists over to England to bomb it in 1973 .... not something you'd easily forget so obviously he didn't do it. 

It turned out that Gerry's brother Liam enjoyed raping his own daughter Áine but who wants to hear about that? Gerry may have helped his brother avoid jail and covered it because it's bros before hoes .... not that Gerry really remembers what he did, growing a beard like that comes with the price of memory degradation ... according to experts. Liam is now serving a 16 year sentence for 10 offenses against his daughter. 

Maria Cahill was a lass raped by an IRA member but since Gerry wasn't in the IRA he doesn't remember covering that up either. 
The present day IRA supporters on the Internet now denounce Maria's claims and call her a liar because someone made a YouTube that says so even though ex-IRA commander and current deputy first minister of Northern Ireland Martin McGuinness has said, "I believe Maíria Cahill was raped" but what the fuck does he know? The cunts on the keyboards know it all. 

Everyone wants to meet Gerry, former terrorist and President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999 Nelson Mandela had plenty in common with him, he once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" the full quote was, "If terrorism doesn't work then education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" with the passing of time and a few years of respectability you can be re-branded as a hero, no one will care about the burning tyre necklaces or the disappeared family members.  

Even the Kennedys loved Gerry, well until the IRA were connected to a murder in a bar and the murdered man's sisters made a fuss about it then not even Ted Kennedy would meet with him, and he killed weemen himself for fucks sake, what a time to grow a conscience. 

When the Irish in America stopped being nasty immigrants to spit upon and became American through the breeding like flies program they were embraced and loved. Even today dumb Americans will watch the Irish Springs soap commercial and pine for good ole Ireland .... even though it's set to the tune of Scotland the brave, I did say dumb right? 

Everyone in America claims to be Irish though the majority don't know how they are connected if they really are. When people leave the nasty cold and wet country of Ireland to live aboard their memory changes and maybe Ireland was a place of magic after all, hence the popularity of people like Gerry Adams. Terrorists who kill their own people and women and children then become freedom fighters. Adams was compared to Martin Luther King jr for his civil rights work ..... He remembers doing that by the way. 

In 1999 Gerry got a street named after him in Oakland Callyfornia, yes it is a one way street and is off a street named after a dictator but still. Maybe McGuinness will get a street named after him in Compton or Rialto. 

Yes Gerry will meet with all the greats if it can further Sinn Féin's cause of a united Ireland, whether the people want it or not. Fuck the people, they didn't appreciate getting blown up for a united Ireland either which is why it's best to be a dictator. Gerry remembers meeting Castro but doesn't recall sucking his cock for a free Che Guevara t-shirt, luckily Old Knudsen's sources at the CIA record everything. 

He'll meet with the president of Hamas too because as like the IRA, Hamas are also freedom fighters. Kidnapping and torturing to death young men for just being from 'the other side' furthers no cause but is a popular tactic known as tit for tat that keeps such people amused when there is a lull in the fighting or no tunnels to dig. 

Some meetings he'd rather not talk about. Even Teflon Gerry's reputation was damaged when he met with Tony Blair. Ugh, give me Hitler or Ted Bundy any day, I feel dirty just looking at this picture.   

Love him or loathe him, even the British Royal family want to press the flesh with him. Prince Charles has always hated the IRA for blowing up his beloved uncle Lord Mountbatten but he couldn't resist that beard. 

Not that Gerry was in the IRA if you remember. 

Gerry has also met with Obama, Hilary,Trump, The Dalai Lama and Vince Vaughn in fact Vaughn lent him some money for a taxi but Gerry doesn't recall that. 

Gerry and his dog

He enjoys naked trampolining with his dog (he denies it's a goat) and watching movies like Braveheart and the Patriot that kills large numbers of Brits in them. He often goes on long walks on the beach, but doesn't like to tell the authorities where the bodies may be buried there cos he doesn't remember and denies he even had a part in it. 

So what is Gerry? a villain or legend? ..... I think I'll go with villainous leg-end.  

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