Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Fag Day

 Fucking civvies, thats not regulation equipment no wonder it's letting in smoke. In my day a respirator was called a hanky and we put mustard gas on our sandwiches. 

It's no smoking day! 
This is the day that if you see someone light up you get to playful pinch them or happy slap them... Well Old Knudsen does, he also puts his cigarettes out on children's balloons when no small dogs are present, it's how he rolls bitches.   

When did smoking become so unhealthy? in my day it wasn't unhealthy and doctors would recommend various brands for chesty coughs or if you had caught the Chinese drip off a dirty slapper doon at the docks. 

Smoking is cool and sexy.

Now a days you get treated like a leper when you light up on a bus or in a shop. I went doon to the library to pick some more free books to sell online and not only did they tell me to keep my voice doon but they wouldn't let me smoke or drink either ..... fucking Nazis! I told them that doing that was my culture as was dropping me kegs and doing a bisto protest which I did just before the cops got there, you have to stand up for yer rights ya know. 

If you walk up to a cute wee baby in its pram and blow smoke in its face people go ape-shit, the world has gone mad!

When Old Knudsen fancies a fag no one is going to tell him it's wrong, oh no, he'll get a fag and he'll suck on that fag all day if he wants to.