Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Coasting On Autopilot Again

The so-called leaders of Northern Ireland are off forging trade and opportunity links with Brazil. So we just had the police attacked in a riot and then they were nearly blown up by a roadside bomb but Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness were too busy enjoying some 

Sun and sea to give much of a fuck.

What a couple of useless tools these guys are. Throughout the previous riots they did fuck all and even though we still have the idiot flag problem they swan off  to Brazil where the nuts cum from.

 I'm pretty sure that real leaders either stay and sort things out or cut their trips short and return. Who are these guys? No one outside of Northern Ireland knows these two, they are hardly players on the world stage so why did the First Minister and Deputy Minister have to go? 

There is no shortage of minor middle aged bigoted civil servants in Northern Ireland's parliament I'm sure anyone else could do the job of empty promises and bullshit they are doing.

They mentioned that Northern Ireland had a skilled workforce .... that would be the Polish immigrants. They also said that Northern Ireland has a first class education system .... that only the Fenians have taken advantage of. The Prods are pretty much illiterate and don't value education.  

I am so fuckin blootered! hey baby I'm in charge of Ireland do you have any Irish in you and would you like some in you now?

After this the pair will head to the US and get their paddy on, while Norn Iron will be no doubt having trouble from the fleggers during the four day St Patrick's day events in Belfast, Pete and Marty will be dooning shots and being Irish which is funny as Robinson is a bigoted Prod who probably doesn't see himself as Irish. Even Scots/Irish has been rebranded as Ulster/Scots to help the sectarian Prods avoid their Irish roots. 

No wonder fuck all has been achieved after the ceasefire with twats like this in charge.