Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Kill Off The Old People

 They get on but they never get off.

Katie Hopkins is at it again, she says that the UK has too many old people and that we should have euthanasia vans, "It’s ridiculous to be living in a country where we can put dogs to sleep but not people." I agree! We should also put stars onto the clothing of those we intend to get rid of, maybe round them up and put them in a death camp or housing estate .... same thing sorta.

"They might even have a nice little tune they’d play" like an ice-cream van. So yer drifting off to the great unknown and the driver puts on, 'Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna turn around and hurt you' .... try getting that earworm out of yer heads ya cunts. That would send you into a Hell dimension of torment probably.

 My new British hero heroin heroine.  

Katie ... can I call you Katie? recently told of her love of hotdogs sold in jars of brine, she inserts them into her vagina as she loves the feeling of them squishing about. She usually has 12 - 30 in at a time, depending how much walking she has to do that day. I admire her confidence to be able to share so readily. 
If you go to her house for dinner and she serves hotdogs, time to become a vegetarian.

The media have been trying to get the public whipped up into an anti-seagull frenzy because someone has just noticed that large scavenger birds will attack and eat smaller animals .... even yer rat sized yappy dogs. Those people had better never get a fish tank for guppies then.

What if someone left a baby outside while they went out for a KFC? The gulls could totally kill it.
Now Katie is solving a problem that doesn't exist.
Old people, they take too long, they smell and always want to chat because they are lonely after the gulls killed their horrible tiny dog but are they really a problem? 

Would you really gas Old Knudsen with his enduring sex appeal and wisdom? ... nah don't answer that.

 Hitler had euthanasia vans like this one used in Poland.

I was only just reading on RT about how she doesn't just say nasty things to get attention and that she is the voice of the honest working class grafter. 

I know that RT is full of shit and should only be used for entertainment purposes but this is total satire. Yes the woman with the posh accent who attended officer training at Sandhurst really does speak for the hard working everyday Brit .... NOT!    

In the 70's we had that program that killed people over 30 but then some bloke called Logan spoiled it all by running, what was that program called again? .... oh yeah, The Troubles.

People should be allowed to die on their own terms but not like Jack Kevorkian's death bus while driving around the Tesco car park. 

 What a good reason to have a picture of Jenny Agutter, humina humina.

Blonde haired blue eyed Katie calling for euthanasia vans is well dodgy, will she stop at old people or will it be, 'we can kill old people, why not immigrants and disabled people?'  Then it's the we need breathing room thing. 
Nah the best place to start with the cull are the prisons, you worried about the Earth's resources then kill off the criminals and turn them into something useful like dog food and glue. They can contribute to society by helping children make collages and paper lanterns in schools or when you buy those crappy envelopes with no sticking power. 

It is of no surprise that Katie will be soon going in for brain surgery, no not a state ordered lobotomy, she is going in for an operation to try to fix her nocturnal epilepsy which was what put an end to her military career. We at OBB wish her good luck because she is UK's version of Ann Coulter and weemen like her make us proud to be English ... well I'm not English thank fuck but you get the idea.

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