Saturday, 30 May 2015

They Rule And We Deserve It

The Queen made a speech about austerity and how certain services to low income families will be reduced or cut. What many people saw was a couple of privileged pampered people covered in jewels, sitting on gold chairs who are multimillionaires because they were born into the right families telling poor people they'll be even worse off pretty soon.   

The Queen is just a figurehead and is reading a speech given to her by the government. She makes her millions from vast estates given to her by the government and run for her by government employees. This speech only affects her life because she has to pause counting her money in order to give it, she'll probably be due another holiday soon to get over it.

Do the royals pay for themselves? Only during times of royal events and a lot of their wealth is intangible. We only have royals to be different and quaint, 30 million people a year come to see them. If we didn't have them we wouldn't be any better off. When has the government said, "the economy is doing great, lets raise everyone's wages?" 

At least the Pope worked his way to the top .... if you can call the clergy work. He keeps most of the gold out of sight when he says how we should help the poor.

I've noticed that when the Pope says something remotely liberal and progressive the Vatican brings out a statement reminding people of their real stance. Good Pope Bad Pope?

We know he doesn't support ghey marriage and certainly doesn't like gheys going by his past and his actions in the present. After Ireland said 'fuck you Vatican' and voted YES for ghey marriage the Pope made a passive aggressive speech about how marriage is between a man and a woman.... just in case you thought otherwise. 

I don't know about you but Old Knudsen is sick of being preached at and told what to do by self-entitled cunts surrounded by riches and is offended on behalf of the gheys and weemen for this Homophobic misogynist view that they are not to be seen as equals to allegedly straight (and celibate?) males.

If I want to know how to stretch my budget I don't ask the Queen because though it is thought her over all wealth is in the billions she didn't work for it and didn't get rich by using her brains. If I want to know about children and birth control I don't ask some old bloke who doesn't have sex and who has never been a father.

At least Obama is more honest, he isn't interested in helping people, just his country and government which he sees as being separate from the will of the people. If politicians were interested in what the public wanted they wouldn't have representatives voting on things that the nation doesn't even get a vote in.
Lets all vote on the next war, if anyone had asked me if we should invade Iraq or Afghanistan I would have said 'wise up' going by what is happening now the next war has already been decided about so stay tuned for the big one of 2020.  

If you look at politicians you see they are as out of touch as Hollywood actors are. The politicians of Northern Ireland run in upper middle class circles and don't know how to react to people who live on a housing estate. They run their soirees and know that the lower classes (the voter) are home drinking away their benefits while watching Dancing and singing with the stars on ice or some depressing soap. The ruling elite justifying their existence by ruling whether you like it or not.
Imagine deciding that you wanted to be in charge, most jobs require years of working as a pleb and to get promoted by hard work and merit but not the ruling elite, they seem to just decide to do it or take turns when the more aggressive ones have left.

I do have some answers like making cuts, just not ones the ruling elite would be happy with. The cost of those stupid wars could be putting people through college or building new homes. A lot of waste could be done away with by making the tax and benefits system more easier to use and understand rather than sending out constant letters that say nothing and making you jump through hoops because that is how things are done.

Job training schemes get aimed at people up to the age of 25, after that if you haven't found your career by then or your life changes then tough, you are all out of opportunities and get blamed for then being poor. 
The conservative friendly tabloids fixate on those who abuse the system and you get tarred with the same brush and before you know it cuts are made. 

If you want anything like proper healthcare or a replacement wheelie bin from the Housing executive because the one you inherited from the last tenant was cracked you have to match wits, brabble and make things happen assuming you are lucky enough to be able to find a person qualified to make the call because a simple phone call these days can be a long and stressful event to find yerself on hold and then cut off.

There is a reason it was decided that the White House be placed in DC swamp away from the main cities, people (the public) get in the way of things not getting done.   


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