Tuesday, 26 May 2015

God Hates The Ivory Coast

Fuck off Derek you fag, I know it's fucking wrong!

Westboro Baptist Church has really lost its edge, remember when we all hated them and wanted them to die in a fire? .... oh we still do? 

Now they are something just to be mocked. Like the bloke in Corn market ... Belfast, handing out Bible tracts and every time someone takes one he shouts "God bless you" or "Hallelujah" or the Jehovah Witnesses who stand like silent smiling statues hoping you are dumb enough to take a flyer ... mock mock mock!   

The Westboro Baptist Church couldn't find Leonard Nimoy's funeral to picket in February for some vague reason. Even though all the atheists had claimed Nimoy as one of them his family fooled the world with a Jewish ceremony. Westboro were quite annoyed that no one leaked the address, I bet they stayed up all night making Star Trek signs an shit. 

The Ivory coast has a fag flag!

Recently during a Westboro protest they decided they didn't like Ireland for giving people the democratic choice for same sex marriage, what the fuck do the people know? Sodom and Begorrah right?   

Americans love the Irish so this hatred did not seem right. They got an Irish flag and danced jigs on it. The people of Ireland looked on bemused (probably drunk) 

They also had a sign that called the flag of the Ivory coast a fag flag ....huh? ... it's not excessively manly but I wouldn't call it a fag flag.

Ach don't worry, Loyalists who spend years hating everything Irish even though ironically they are Irish as were their ancestors get confused too. A football shop on the Shankill Road ... Belfast, had to put up a notice during the world cup to stop complaints and death threats.

No nation or group of people hold the monopoly of being thick as fuck though these days it's safe to assume that religious people and fleggers are really that dumb.

Flegger extraordinaire Willie Fraser saw an Italian flag flying at a school for world something day and ranted that it had become an IRA training ground.   

I hope this post helps you if you are going to slag off the Ivory Coast or the Republic of Ireland as I wouldn't want you looking any more dumber than you already are. 

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