Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Lust At The G8

Angela my wife Iris :::spits:::: doesn't understand me, she isn't German, shes just a slapper. Maybe I could show you around the romantic city of Enniskillen and we could grab a tax payer funded dinner and talk about it..... world leader to world leader.

Peter why don't you show her the ancient crannog (a man made island settlement) oh thats right the A32 road was put on top of it just in time for the G8.

You could always show her the stickers put on the windows of empty buildings to make fake shops. I'm sure she hasn't seen anything like that in Germany ...... so full of fail.   


Tuesday Kid said...

She looks mad for it. I bet he would too. Just in revenge for McAmbley. Or maybe Merkel is on his list of '5 Birds he can take a crack at if he gets the chance.'

Old Knudsen said...

I totally would, seen her in a swimsuit .... loved it!