Monday, 4 March 2013

This Is Serious

Getting a bit annoyed at the usage of the word 'serious' in the media and with the police. You have the 'Serious crime unit' as opposed to the 'Just messing about mate crime unit' should we not all be agreed that crime is generally a serious thing?
Someone breaking into a garden shed and stealing a lawn mower is pretty serious to the home owner who will be on alert at every little sound and stressed out that their home is not safe.  Will the criminal stop at a lawn mower next time?

I just read the words 'Serious sex assault' in the news. "I'm sorry miss, we can't take your rape seriously as the rapist only open handed slapped you into submission you were not punched, look at her there, she was punched and kicked, now that is serious... you were probably asking for it anyway."

Less of the belittling of events by using the word serious, all crime is serious so lets stamp it out before it becomes more serious.