Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Obama Is The Devil!

If you read this blog you'd see me mentioning a shite TV show called 'Revolution' I had the bad guy in it looking like Obama and this show was on just before the election.

Yeah ok, yon black fellas all look the same to us crackers, we can only tell Asians and brown people apart .... not!

Never mind that Satan looks like Obama-ish, but ... 1) Why is the Bible on the History channel? 2) Why is Satan portrayed as being black anyway?

I'm sure it's not a bias or racist thing going on here, lets see what else they have.

Heres the History channel's Jesus, look at his black wiry hair and big hooked money lending nose, the swarthy looking demi god of our nightmares changing water into yuppy wine when all we want is lager. It looks like they just took him straight from the Middle east and not waiting tables in Hollywood.

Mary is also quite ethnic too. Lay off the Botox and Collagen ya sucker mouthed MILF! 

If the Bible and the New Testament were factual rather than being made up with some real place names being thrown in then Jesus would be a Galilean Semite, not the white blue eyed master race version thats popular in much of the white run western world.   

Obama may be a shite as a president cos hes far more republican than Bush ever was but I doubt he is Satan.
Just like Jesus, the image of Satan is what each imaginary friend believer needs them to be.