Monday, 18 March 2013

Fleggers Love The Blarney

It may have rained on St Patrick's day but the only damp squib was of course the fleggers. More bitter than Old Knudsen and as dumb as a box of frogs.

Loyalist Facebook pages had a few comments of how these fine upstanding British people walked around Belfast looking for something to take offense at and saw millions of Irish tricolour flags and possible IRA terrorists singing Irish republican songs.
"We're just in Belfast on a Sunday doing our shappin, we're nat lookin for no trauble, wot you lookin at?"

They followed the odd gurl with a tricolour around her shoulders saying about how this shouldn't be allowed because they are now not allowed to wear their Union flags as ponchos .

Suck it up cunt faces! I'm sure you'll be decked out in very tasteful red white and blue short shorts for the 12th of July.
It's St Patrick's day so remove the stick from yer arses and try to have fun. There is no St Patrick's season unlike yer marching season so let em have a laugh, you can get back to trying to oppress the taigy cunts later.

Go contact Amnesty international, I hear that worked out so well the last time.

 The new Pope 'Fanny' made an appearance in Dublin

Later on at Laverys bar in Belfast the Union fleg protesters decided to go protest there because they were having an Irish night can you fucking believe how dumb they are? I thought the fleg protests were against the fleg only being flown on designated days as per the wishes of the Queen, I didn't know it was just an act to be sectarian ...... Old Knudsen is shocked!

Pubs on St Patrick's day may go with Irish themes, for fuck sake I've been in Larne where they were serving green pints so wise up. (of course people look to see who has a green pint so they can beat them up) 
The outside world doesn't care, this is a normal fun celebration.   

Do you think the protesters were surprised when they were taunted by St Patrick's day people? So of course some trouble did break out but it didn't last too long.  Nice try fleggers, you killjoy pricks.

The flegger mentality shows itself again, just like those holding fetus pictures outside of well woman clinics.
No thinking going on just hatred taking hold. Wise up fleggers, you have become Northern ireland's biggest joke. 

As Shakespeare said, "In time we hate that which we often fear."