Friday, 29 March 2013

Face It Loser

Billy Gibby started selling space on his face for advertising tattoos in 2007...... well it beats getting a real job.
Now he kinda got sick of having these tats, most of which advertise porn sites on his face, for the life of me I can't understand why.

I bet it really attracted the weemen. 

As do the red eyes, "Boy look at that hot guy with the face tattoos I bet hes got a great job and is a real intellectual" said no one ever.

Mr Gibby blames getting tattoo upon tattoo on him being Bi-polar....... except while you can be impulsive being Bi-polar it does not necessarily make you as dumb as fuck. Cannot see on his head.

Speaking of dumb as fuck, remember these two? 

Face tattoos do not influence Old Knudsen to surf porn sites, his raging horn does. 

To pay for the $4000 tattoo removal, Gibby will get advertising tattoos on his hands arms and legs. Hey um Gibby, you know that thing about being dumb as fuck? ...... you've gone way past that now.

To make sure you have all the facts about Mr Gibby maybe I should tell you what he changed his name to, Hostgator Dotcom ..... well Billy Gibby did sound really silly.