Saturday, 29 December 2012

Snow Shite And The Chopper Man

So I was bored and I watched Snow White and the Huntsman. For fucks sake I had to have been bored.
I couldn't get past the premise that.

Kristen Stewart who is on the run from an evil Queen in a forest but has time to slap on lots of make up is better looking 'fairer' than. Locked up for 10 years yet you've shaped yer eyebrows and can expertly apply eye shadow. 

Charlize Theron ...... not even when the Queen gets all old and decaying is Stewart better looking.

I also cannot believe that Stewart is pure ..... the lass is a trampire and has forgotten what it's like to be pure. Maybe her left nostril is pure but thats it.

Also can you not breath through yer nose? Ya fucking mouth breather, just let yer rabbit teeth do all the acting.
Even if I could suspend belief about Stewart her acting was shite, that film could have been a lot better.
I think we all know what director Rupert Sanders was thinking about instead of the movie. It seems that there is going to be a sequel and he isn't involved. The next director will be a eunuch so maybe Stewart can concentrate on doing some acting instead of some cock.

Bravo, best acting ever!

Oh and what the fuck was up with Thor's accent? "Ok Chris that was great, can you do the next take in the style of an Aussie Shrek?"

If you want to grunge up a fairytale then do it but they seemed to want to grunge it up so it's taken seriously and at the same time be camp and playful which didn't work. Too much went into the look and too little went into the character development.