Monday, 17 December 2012

Pay Me In Twinkies

Old Knudsen does like to name and shame. The CEO of Hostess who used to make such American favourites such as Twinkies and Ding dongs is not only having to close his business making 18,000 people unemployed and bringing this iconic food for fatties to an end but he also took the pension money from these workers and put it towards paying his executives.

What a guy.

Not an illegal move but a cunty baws move. No doubt blaming the workers for striking in the first place. They should have bent over and just took what the management gave them.

Old Knudsen isn't for unions, it's a crap shoot whether or not they'll stand up for you when you need them. Working 20 years and thinking you'll get a pension at the end ... well Mr Rayburn, yer a cunt!