Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Kate Middleton Pregnant

When you heard the news that Kate, the princess of Oxford and Cambridge was pregnant and in hospital for morning sickness I bet the first thing you thought was .... fucking pussy, flush the bog and make the fucking breakfast.  The headline today was, 'Kate's second day in hospital' any other woman would have been told to go home and suck it up.

 Do you think they know Kate ?   I could dress like a scarlet woman and they still wouldn't know.

The second thing you probably thought was, whose the baby daddy? You thought Jimmy Savile was a wonderful person and greatly missed this time last year .... you don't have a fucking clue!   Is Harry the father?

Harry the 14 year-old slut from One Direction does like to stick his penis into things so you just never know.

Robbie Williams the former pop star recently fathered a child so he is armed and ready. Look at him, his pores just ooze with every STD known to man.

Old Knudsen doesn't want to get caught up in anymore baby scandal. Kate was a soft, warm loving young woman who helped Old Knudsen get over the loss of his mother ..... I just took me eyes off the stupid bitch for a minute and she was gone. I wasn't going gonna run after her, Old Knudsen doesn't do running.

Oh and Prince Edward ya slap head, put some power on yer hed, I could hardly see the synchronized badger baiting cos of the glare. Don't you have some arts and crafts ya need to be doing?

I thought she had just let herself go a bit but no, shes up the duff. For some reason I was the first to be told .... what an awkward conversation that was, not sure what she wanted Old Knudsen to say. Weemen think we're mind readers. I'm no going to read Harry fucking Potter or 50 shades of shite so what makes you think I'd want to read yer mind?


Oh ya know what? maybe it was her husband Prince Charles or whatever. Aye he can take care of it. Too much like reality for Old Knudsen.