Monday, 3 December 2012

Can You Afford Christmas?

 A poll taken by the Belfast Telegraph has cum to the conclusion that just one in 10 people believe they will be able to cover the cost of Christmas next month and over a third haven’t cleared their credit card bills from last year.

This is just terrible. At a time when we should be spending, eating and drinking until we drop to celebrate a fictional character's birthday ... the way he would have wanted it, now we're struggling.

Its lucky that the British government held off on giving that 21 million to Rwanda, I'm sure they will be giving it to the British people instead to help stimulate the economy and help with those Christmas bills.

The poll also showed that people who said they had no religious belief were marginally more likely to be able to cope .... oh you mean people without a self righteous stick up their arse? imagine that.

What does the woman in the street say?

"In my day we got an orange and a pointed stick and we were happy. Now I have to buy my grandchildren expensive things or they won't visit me when I'm old, hold a lavish Christmas dinner making sure there is plenty of drink . On top of that I have me heating and electric bills oh and me 20 a day cigarette habit. I blame the immigrants and those abortion loving hoors of Satan!"

Well ok, nice to hear from you and on ....

"Not to mention the Jews, thats why people work on Christmas ... because of them."

Oh thank you, look, yon charity shop has a sale on.

The Africans commented earlier, "sounds like a first world problem to us." Shut the fuck up and drink yer muddy water.

So 9/10 people will go into debt because Christmas (which happens every year and is not just sprung on us as a surprise) is too much for them to cope with.

Heres an idea .... wise the fuck up!

So many folks think they are poor because they can't afford pizza 2 nights a week yet still they have money to get drunk every weekend, buy fake orange tans and can afford cigarettes every day. You aren't poor, yer weak addicts!

Poor is when you go without the essentials like food so yer child has a lunch for school. When yer heating is an extra jumper or blanket. Go look at yon Africans and ask what their priorities are.

I'm no impressed with people complaining about the cost of Christmas .... Its yer choice!  Go on and talk about peer pressure, you have to buy this and that or what? people won't like you? they'll call you scrooge? .... those people sound like cunts, who cares what they think? 

Everyone in yer family needs to chip in, do yer bit and gifts either need to be smaller and less expensive or just more thoughtful. Its about the fucking kids anyway. I'm sure yer auntie can do without crappy bubble bath this year or yer uncle Fester can do without more novelty socks.   

Grow the fuck up and celebrate from the heart not the wallet.