Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Bloody Christmas Day

The silly fat fuck could never resist a slice of cake. As he took a bite I jumped from behind the Christmas tree wildly swinging my sword with speed and trained controlled aggression .

He put up a fine fight and was quite agile for such a big boned fella. He knew he had met his match, after the decades for fighting Old Knudsen and running to fight another day a deep slash to his leg slowed him down enough for me to remove his head.

No sooner had his head thumped onto the floor were reindeer smashing through the windows with vengeance on their minds.
The poor family that lived there got in the way which bought Old Knudsen vital seconds to slay all round him. Hoof and horn met cold sharp steel.
Standing ankle deep in the blood of mythical creatures Old Knudsen shook his head and thought, 'these fuckers never learn.'

Grabbing the rogue Saint's head Old Knudsen headed towards the dimension gate near yon Nibbles take away restaurant. The tooth fairy will pay well for this head full of teeth.