Thursday, 13 December 2012

Belfast Peace Rally

On Sunday there will be a peace rally in Belfast. There are still protests and trouble over the designated flag flying days over Belfast city hall..... why all this trouble? the parliament building and other city halls have it.  Well because the DUP got the thick necked Prods worked up. You know the sort, those that type wot, U, R and fone instead of phone. You should go read some of the comments on local pages ...... if you can read them as its not exactly English. It's bad when the cock sucking Fenians use the English language properly.

Hey dickhead, yer now holding the flag upside down! show some respect!

The talk about the peace rally seems pretty divided. The people designated as being on the Prod side being downers, "oh yer just asking for trouble, this isn't a good idea, just keep yer head down and let it blow over."
The people designated as Catholic or other say "We can't and shouldn't have to hide while the mob rules the streets, we want to have our voice heard, besides its a peace rally why would there be a problem?" 

Good question but only in Northern Ireland do people get angry about the idea of a peace rally. Whats next, table manners? taking responsibility for yer actions? 

The rally is being held on a Sunday morning so shops etc will not be disrupted as they open at 1pm, unlike all the flag protests that have been spoiling Christmas events and shopping ..... you stupid flag wavers, why do you hate progress so much? does it frighten you? Is it getting too difficult to sell drugs? .... ach yer culture is shite! 

There will be a police presence which is sad because you just know some flag wavers who don't want peace will be there.

We must not let the mob ruin Christmas. These people who use the flag on a pole as a weapon do not deserve to fly my flag. Old Knudsen (depending on hangover) will be supporting the peace rally and of course he'll be armed .... two strong uns with fists of peace at the end of them ready to knock out any spides who step out of line. ITS PEACE, DON'T MAKE ME HURT YOU!

This is an important time in Northen Ireland, we cannot hide and let the idiots do as they please, they are helping no one but themselves. The DUP politicians are busy making up death threats so they don't look so bad .... they aren't doing much to stop the trouble though. The time of 'well you asked for it' is over.

Old Knudsen has spoken, now back to the world ending week.