Monday, 10 December 2012

Austrailia Knows The Truth

Julia Gillard the Australian Prime Minister announced last week in a TV appearance, about a army of flesh-eating zombies and demonic beasts from hell.

The video which was leaked too early was then said to be a prank to promote a radio station's breakfast show.

My 3 readers will not be fooled so easily, you are well too endowed with the smarts. Go to yer local Home Depot or B&Q and get hatchets or other gardening tools then hit the army surplus stores for ration packs and other cool stuff you may need and keep it in a hold all, ready to go. 

Until then wear tinfoil hats so you won't get turned when the comet hits. You can look stupid now or have the last laugh as yer neighbour eats his wife ..... and not in a sexually pleasing way.