Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Ruskies On The Prowl For Yeti Sex

Over the last few years Russia has become America of the 80's. The time when hicks got abducted by aliens every week , UFOs were seen above government bases and the Weekly world news tabloid was believed...... No Batboy is not real, sorry to break it to you.
Russians need something else to take their minds of their miserable vodka filled existence. They need to learn to speak fucking English and read my blog. No wonder they have pussy riots.

Some fishermen and a forestry worker say there are Yetis on the prowl in the remote region of Siberia.
Walking upright, at a distance they have been mistaken for people. “We shouted ‘do you need help?’ They rushed away, all in fur, on two legs.”

They are obviously intelligent, if ya see some big lonely Russians sporting huge boners ya run away... except for Old Knudsen as he runs from no man but has danced with many.   

The sightings were in the Kemerovo region, where yeti expert Igor Burtsev claims 30 of the creatures live.
I don't know how he came to this number since he has not produced any pictures. You know you can get trail cameras you attach to trees and leave until something sets them off, they aren't a new thing they've been around for years ...... just saying.

Look its a Yeti in fur walking on two legs!

It wasn't that long ago that there was a wooly mammoth caught on video crossing a river. You know what else Russia has found? photoshop and video editing.

Like the Lough Ness monster, UFOs and Bigfoot all of these creatures and phenomena should have been captured on filmed without throwing up more questions than giving answers.

There are things out there that will never be tested and dissected but big monkeys in the woods, yeah we should have had them by now.