Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Wikileaks Is Leaking Sanity

The Uk and Sweden are the most hated cuntries in Europe

Wikileaks on Facebook has lost the plot. Such organizations are run by shall we say unstable individuals and so it doesn't take much for them to lose it.

Julian Assange is a prisoner of the truth, hidden in the Ecuadorean embassy from persecution from the US and Sweden ..... no no no don't ask any questions about what hes wanted for its all a set up to silence him, obviously.

The fact that hes in the Ecuadorean embassy just gets over looked, might as well be in the Chinese embassy or the Iranian embassy. 

The attacks on US, UK and German embassies were a God send for them.

Heres what Wikileaks said: "By the US accepting the UK siege on the Ecuadorian embassy in London it gave tacit approval for attacks on embassies around the world."

Nothing to do with 9/11 or yon idiot movie, Wikileaks has more of a grasp on whats going doon.

Now they claim that the UK and Sweden are the most hated cuntries in Europe. I'd believe that the UK would pretty high up as we are cunts but so should Italy and Greece if you go by economic bail outs and who the fuck likes France? .... this was not done by someone who knows Europe this made up piece of shit was done by some albino with time on his hands from some dodgy foreign power's embassy.

My name's Sandra and I think Assange is innocent and sooo hunky 

Who could possibly hate Sweden?  ..... oh yeah albino rapists thats who.

If a volcano in Indonesia erupts and kills 1000 people Wikileaks will say something like, "We knew this would happen, if only the US had stopped their persecution of Julian Assange."

 Check this out, Old Knudsen can make shit up too.

Now I doubt every single thing that Wikileaks has said. They seem to have their own fanatical agenda and the ability to make shit up.