Tuesday, 11 September 2012

They Are Better Than Us And They Know It

Celebrities are a brave lot. Not only do they have one of the toughest jobs in the world but when faced with personal hardship they show us common people up as being weak.

Cheryl Cole was in a car accident that left Will.i.am brain damaged but 48 hours later with her arm in a sling she was out making duck faces for the fans.

When singer Gary Barlow's baby was stillborn he didn't do what yer average Joe would do, he didn't take time off to grieve and be with the rest of his family, oh no he was up on stage a week later singing his heart out at the closing ceremony of the Olympics. Ya can't spend time with yer family when theres rehearsing to be done.   
Being so brave and losing a baby totally makes up for being one of the celeb who have been avoiding paying tax for years..... he'll be getting a knighthood.

Poor Katherine Jenkins broke up with her fiancee in January and broke doon on stage while singing  "Move Bitch" by Ludacris.

Old Knudsen had to give the brave songbird some solid comforting and yes a wheelie bin was involved.
She denied having a fling with David Beckham but have you noticed that she hasn't denied what she and Old Knudsen had.

What about poor Tom Cruise?

Right after his third wife escaped he was in Iceland making a movie and now he has to find someone else to make Top Gun 2 because of that selfish Tony Scott cunt, the show certainly goes on, nothing stops a celeb.

Remember this post the next time one of yer family dies or you get a terminal disease. Don't get all sad feeling sorry for yerself, think 'what would a celeb do?'

When Old Knudsen was serving his cuntry, stuck in yon ditch not able to move for 14 hours for fear of detection until he could get a good shot he thought to himself, ' so what if a rat is noming on me leg and I've had to poop into a diaper, at least I'm not on stage singing to people and getting paid thousands for 8 minutes of half hearted warbling.'  

Celebs are amazing, no wonder we love them so much.