Thursday, 13 September 2012

There Is No Sam Bacile Just Imbecile

C'mon people so what if the Prophet Muhammad is shown as a child abuser, rapist, homosexual and womaniser ? Sounds like a right laugh, the life and soul of the party who can have fun anywhere.

Mystery man Sam Bacile is supposed to be an Israeli- American in his early 50's who made a crappy movie for 5 million dollars called 'Innocence of Muslims' the money allegedly came from Jewish supporters.

It all sounds like a set up. There is no record of  Sam Bacile up to this point. Either from Israel or from Callyfornia where Bacile is allegedly from.

Blessed are the cheese makers?

Whoever made this movie should be ashamed. Episodes of Dr Who look better than this. This movie or rather just the trailer is hitting the right spots to get the crazy ragheads worked up.

Mentioned on Egyptian TV some of it translated, its out there on Youtube and before you know it you have a wild fire. Bacile's discarded cigarette setting it off. 

Ambassador Chris Stevens paid the price for American freedom of speech. 

Killed due to smoke inhalation after his embassy was attacked by protesters against Mr Bacile's movie, 3 other Americans were killed too.

All the usual suspects are in place for a major shit stirring. Bush would of had Iran invaded by now, nothing to do with this issue but still.
Obama, the man that gave us Osama on a plate has promised us justice. Will it be a few dozen protesters hung in Libya or will they go after the film makers?

Old Knudsen thinks that it should be the invisible Mr Bacile and his friends that should learn that there may be freedom of speech in the US but then he had his movie leave the US and the stone age don't like shit like that.
Bacile has spoken to the press in secret and while he says hes sorry for the American deaths he still says that Islam is a cancer.

If that is so then add Christianity and Judaism to the list of illnesses. 

Before a major election you have this, no really am I the only one smelling this? Has Romney started to complain about Obama's handling of this yet?