Monday, 3 September 2012

The Caleb Foundation

This is not an anti-religion post, this is an anti-dickhead post and if they happen to claim to be religious then so be it.
Its amazing how many of the same types of people with the same kind of attitudes Northern Ireland and parts of America share. I'm not going to say, "oh America is like this or that" America changes each state you go to so in claiming that America is like one set thing or has one set rule just shows ignorance and the fact you haven't been anywhere.

I lived in the US for George Bush Jr's 2 terms and watched white privileged Gog bothering leaders run the country into the ground mostly for self gain. From Clinton's strong economy to ruin... then they blame the black fella.

I returned to Northern Ireland and found those similar white privileged Gog bothering leaders. You know  the UK has its own official religion right? yes the UK is a theocracy and no one enforces it more than here in backwards Northern Ireland. Once accurately described as 'Tribal, closed on Sundays' some things never change.

Political leaders here are very GOP like, disgusted at the thought of a raped woman having an abortion in fact abortion is illegal here in good old Norn Iron you have to go to England for that.

Then you have others resigning because they finally came out and said how repugnant they find homosexuality.
These are the same people that share bloodlines with the US politicians that say legitimate rape, lets watch dog fighting and no to ghey marriage.

We Ulster Scots built a good bit of the US and made sure we got ours.

Old Knudsen has identified the enemy of the free thinking and of equality in Northern Ireland and that enemy is ..... The Caleb Foundation its a hardline Northern Irish evangelical lobbying organization formed in 1998.
Its current main mission in promoting creationism here in the province. Its a political organization that is closely linked to the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), Ian Paisley's Free Presbyterian Church and the Orange Order . Its everywhere with people at all different levels of government.

A  Hellfire and brimstone group that likes the UK being a theocracy but wants it to be a total Protestant theocracy, with its people and friends in charge.

Like the KKK say they have nothing against black people but rather just want to promote the white race The Caleb Foundation  is a firm believer in human rights and freedom of religion as long as it goes along with what they say and its the Protestant religion.

This is the group that got a creationist display put in at the Giants causeway to put forward their view that the causeway was built by Gog 6,000 years ago. This is the same group that has been trying to get creationism taught in schools and added along side of the science facts in museums. Shops closed on Sundays ...... it seems that some fast food restaurants and newsagents are magically exempt from this law. Also homeopathic remedies instead of actual medical cures.  Its scary but they have the contacts to pull this shit off.

Wallace Thompson is the chairman of The Caleb Foundation or as they laughingly call themselves, 'The Caleban' except Thompson says, "it’s a wee bit unfair that we’re compared to the fundamentalists of the Taliban." ...... then again hes also stated that "The Pope is the anti-Christ" so this man is a fucking nutterbutter fundamentalist ..... Caleban totally suits the shite that they want to enforce.

Thompson is a founding member of the DUP an Orangeman and a former Northern Ireland Office  civil servant.... the basic requirements for most political leaders and town council members .... except for the Fenian ones.

In  The Caleb Foundation there are no weemen, they are anti-ghey and anti-Catholic , like the GOP they have turned the term 'Liberal' into a dirty word and don't like none of that science theory stuff, they take the word of the Bible as truth even if the facts don't fit because then that would mean that its you thats wrong.

I've noticed a lot that Protestants/Loyalists who go around brandishing their flags trying to goad Catholics into fighting back are quick to play the culture card if questioned. "Oh they won't let us show disrespect to their Catholic church which is denying our cultural and human rights." what a bunch of fucking whiny twats, not only does that remind me of Jesse Jackson playing the slave card in front of any camera crew around but it also reminds me of well paid soccer players pretending to be injured and then they become magically fit again as soon as they get their way.

The Caleb Foundation is an anti-intellectual, anti-Catholic sectarian organization that still claims to be Christian.
I thought the point was free choice and not judging.
All political decisions must also be in-tune with Biblical teachings.... does that mean we 'have' to have sex with young boys?

They really dislike this kind of shit when the ghey priders use it.

This really got them worked up.

In Northern Ireland our ministers of culture and healthcare have interests in The Caleb Foundation along with other law makers and there is no way we can get rid of them. At least 27 community leaders and politicians know the secret handshake not to mention their family members in positions they are not qualified for but have them none the less, nepotism is ripe in Northern Ireland.

These people with their Interweb diplomas spouting off idiot scripture as an answer to all are a joke but need to be taken seriously and fought at every turn. 

Old Knudsen is putting this post out there to open eyes and to let them know that he is onto them.