Saturday, 15 September 2012

Peter Robinson Couldn't Lead A Conga Line

Peter Robinson the First Minister of Northern Ireland is bored. He has a steady well paying job and has carved out a nice little earner for his cronies.

What to do? He needs a distraction from the loyalist parades that keep getting into trouble as they are his peers and voters. He needs a distraction from the failing economy which is largely in part thanks to the parades his peers and voters hold. He needs a distraction from all the things he and his party are not doing to help the people of Northern Ireland..... They go strangely quiet when Protestants riot.

Got it!

I'll demand an apology from the Irish government for any assistance they may have given the IRA during the Troubles... Sure I was and am still helping Loyalist terrorists but lets put it on the Irish, I'll condemn those cunts for weeks and weeks .

Job well done, leadership in full flow.

Old Knudsen demands an apology for running this cuntry doon and a resignation from Mr Robinson.