Thursday, 6 September 2012

Parade Rant

A Protestant Loyalist order has issued an apology to the clergy and parishioners of St Patrick's church, Belfast. The order had disrespected the church when, on the 12th July 2012 a flute band marched in circles in front of the church and played anti- Catholic tunes. This was caught on film and so could not be brushed under the carpet.

Then afterwards The Parades commission which is a group set up by the government to manage peaceful parades told the bands to not play music as they passed by the church during the next parade as a sign of respect, just march past one drum keeping the beat for marching..... The bands of course said fuck you and played resulting in riots.    

In an open letter the order apologised in a most sincere and certainly not in a 'not our fault' way abusers often try when they claim that they are the victim. 

"The sense of injustice and hurt felt by the members of the Royal Black Institution is focussed on the Parades Commission and its irrational and often irresponsible determinations." 

Not sounding like an apology so far, sounds like they don't like to be told to behave. 

"Parading is embedded in the DNA of the Protestant community but the Parades Commission has shown an appalling lack of understanding about what that means."

Strangely enough when studied, the DNA of several Protestant communities did not have this parading gene. There was a fair bit of inbreeding which explains the lack of chins and the inability to breath through their noses but no genes for parading. 

"They consistently pander to the demands of people who have gone out of their way to be offended and whose aim is to remove all traces of the Reformed Christian Faith and cleanse Protestant culture from society."

So people went out of their way to be offended when the Young Conway Volunteers did donuts and played anti-Catholic tunes in front of their place of worship? Fucking trouble makers building a church a hundred years ago on the spot where bigots like to do their circles .... I don't re-call anyone trying to cleanse Protestant culture but the Black Institution is making it sound like a fine idea if this is the culture. 

"We have always had good lines of communication with the Roman Catholic Church and we would intend to continue to maintain and consolidate these, away from the public gaze."

Oh really? I don't think shouting "Fuck the Pope" when you see a priest as a good line at all. Why keep it away from public gaze? oh thats what abusers do ........ the worse thing to do with an abuser is tell everyone what they are up to so they can't tell their lies.  

DUP  politician and friend of the Caleb Foundation, Nelson McCausland the Minister  for Social Development who believes that Ulster Protestants descended from one of the lost tribes of Israel came out and said.

"It was a sign of maturity"

This is the man who stood up for the Young Conway Volunteers and their Prod donuts by saying, "the band did not deliberately stop outside the church."

Technically no they didn't but several of them moved over to the front of the church. He was annoyed at how the incident had been covered in the media had been blown out of proportion. "The band did not deliberately set out to offend."

I'm sure he didn't like it one bit but it was people sharing the video and blogging about it rather than the media, people .... real people and Old Knudsen who were proper pissed off. The band meant to offend its as clear as the sash around his biased shoulders.

He then tried to doon play it

"It was just an empty building. There was no-one there to be provoked."

Except the parishioners that live around the empty building that means something to them.

McCausland is one of the many DUP politicians and high ups in the Orange Order that have been very quiet over this issue when right minded people have been condemning it.

The right minded people are grasping at any sign of sense and reason such as this so-called apology. The police are engaging in dialogue with all offenders.

Old Knudsen sees the union flag in tatters hanging from lamp posts and sees the disrespect of his own so-called community as they bully others and thinks .... this isn't British behaviour and it certainly isn't Christian as all these organisations claim to be.

The American police would of had these trouble makers serving hard time by now not offering them tea and a talk.  
Old Knudsen didn't serve during the Troubles so these cunts can parade in the name of culture.

Heres an idea, don't go giving government money to bands to hold parades, let the Orange Order or those Black fellas pay for it themselves ......... you want new uniforms? then get a fucking job! I'm sure the DUP would be happy to chip in oh and here is yer bill from the police for policing the event and any damage done.
These wankers are gangs nothing more. Less talk more baton rounds at head level.

Gog save the Queen!