Friday, 21 September 2012

Old Knudsen Rocks!

Media savvy Ashton Kutcher and his gurlfriend Selena Gomez spent some quality time in doon town Panama. Kutcher is still no doubt having trouble getting over his divorce from actress Katie Holmes.
Nothing much to do in Panama, sitting on boulders is a national past-time.  

When a woman turns to you and says, "what are you thinking?" just say you were feeling a little uncomfortable as you just suppressed a fart. You won't have to own up to thinking about yon blonde you saw a minute ago and she'll be impressed at yer thoughtfulness.
Telling people to fuck off in polite ways is getting so easy these days. Ignoring their friend request is one way, clicking like on comments they make is another.

Asshole Koocher annoys me. He has that cocky smug look all the time, you just know he'd back doon in a fight ..... more likely to go red faced with rage and stomp off . Hes 34 and like Prince Harry they'll be considered as 'lads' all their lives and acting like a dick is expected. Hes only having a bit of fun. 

I suspect he may have a wee iPhone addiction.  That means immediate gratification (short-term reward) coupled with delayed deleterious effects (long-term costs) just another choice humans make to mess up their lives.
The other day Old Knudsen saw a woman drive out of a car park and she was too busy checking her phone to drive ..... a silly bint in a BMW so she is probably a cunt through and through.

Theres a time to take care of yer real life and a time for yer cyber life, too much of one will fuck up the other, that can be said about anything you do that might be classed as an addiction or as Old Knudsen calls it a decision to repeat behaviour you like and everyone else can put up with it or go fuck off.