Saturday, 29 September 2012

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula Topless

On the popularity of my Kate Middleton topless posts I now present to you Nakoula Basseley Nakoula AKA Sam Bacile, the maker of the worldwide hit movie that hardly anyone has seen The innocence of Muslims .

The photo taken before his incarceration for parole violation we sat in his living room amongst the piles of used tissues and bottles of hand cream. 

He sat on his sex swing pulling at his nipple ring suggesting that I should climb onto the swing too as it was fun but Old Knudsen declined, I'd gone there to hear about a movie role 'Children of the desert'  the scene in which I was dressed like a Muslim raping and murdering whole villages of men, weemen, children and their goats was confusing. What was Old Knudsen's motivation in the scene? 

Nakoula or John Ford as I knew him as then assured me it was a set up to show the horrors of war .... ah like Black hawk doon says I but shot entirely in Hemet ..... got ya.  

Is Hemet not where sex offenders and crazy white supremacists go to live? ach I suppose they are people too. 

My movie never got made, perhaps when Nakoula gets out of protective custody.

Good news! The Pakistani government official who placed a reward for the assassination of Nakoula has impressed Al Qaeda sufficiently that they have taken him off their hit list.   No I do not suspect a ploy, its all for the love of Gog.