Friday, 28 September 2012

Jesus Was Married

It was just a few fucking drinks get off my back. But Honey I had yer dinner out and the kids where asking where you where. 

Did Jesus have a wife? of course he did, he wanted to be a normal respectful bloke much like the politicians of today. Being 33, hanging around with a group of guys ....... c'mon people will talk.

Different attitudes back then, buggering young boys and gurls was accepted, no one went on about rights and being equal, weemen were told their place and accepted it, poor scum knew their place and the Romneys of the world could have them killed just for fun. If you think its a man's world now you don't have a clue.
It wasn't that long ago that dogs had more rights than Irish people according to the English.

Harvard divinity professor Karen King unveiled a 4th-Century Coptic script at a conference in Rome. Divinity professor is code for, I don't have a real job.

So its 400 years after the alleged death of Christ. What do we know about 400 years ago? a lot, because we got the science. Still, go trace yer family tree and see how many stone walls you hit within 100 years.  Except those cunts who has well off ancestors. 

She said researchers had identified the words "Jesus said to them, my wife" which might refer to Mary Magdalene........ or anyone else if you think about it.

Christian tradition holds that Jesus did not marry - but Prof King said in early years it was subject to debate.
Much like the Ice age that was to happen in the 1980's. 

Alin Suciu, a papyrologist at the University of Hamburg in Germany says it’s a forgery. "The script doesn’t look authentic when compared with other samples of Coptic papyrus script dated to the fourth century."

33 words all with no context. King seems to be doing that thing of getting published to make a name rather than looking for truth extracted from scientific study , in other words shes a religious quack.

Yeshua Ben Yosef otherwise known to the west as Jesus probably didn't exist. The Romans were better record keepers than the Nazis and had no mention of him. Go find me historical evidence that he existed and make sure it doesn't cum from someone like King. To genealogists if you can't find the facts then don't go assuming as then yer heading into make believe. 

Old Knudsen goes by actions, not words. Casually wiping out nations, raping a young gurl then letting yer son get tortured to death are not the actions of a good God.  You may say "oh you have to have faith or he works in mysterious ways" Ok 2000 years and Jesus hasn't returned. Thats like going out on a lukewarm date and the gurl not giving you her phone number and her saying, "I'll give you a call." How long are you going to have faith for before you realise, maybe she didn't like the nigger jokes you made ....... some people.  
The whole Jesus thing didn't end too well, "uh yeah I'll return, um no worries." ........... "The fuck I will, humans are cunts!"

I don't want a God that I have to make excuses for. Also all those Christians going on about free will but still not supporting weemen's rights to abortion.... smells like hypocrisy. If you say "what about the free will of the child?" then thats a distraction as many are denied free will and theres no issue about that, the prisons are full of people whose free will is being trampled upon. "You don't ask someone elses child if they want a lolly, you ask their parents."  If we are God's children would he not help us more the way a loving parent would? What is the point to having a God if hes gonna make you feel shit for children starving and getting butt fucked by pedo Christians?  Give Old Knudsen super powers so his free will actually counts. 

Yeshua or Yehoshuah was a name from well before the Common Era and historians have found around 70 inscriptions of it. Doesn't mean it was Yeshua Ben Yosef or Jesus but the fundies usually decide it is. 
Thats like saying to someone, "Oh yer from America, do you know Phil and Janice? they live in America." 
I remember a few years back when some religious nuts unearthed some big vases in the Holy land and decided that, that was the spot where Jesus turned the water to wine. What a logic fail. Its not like Pompeii, history didn't just stop. Go to the place that you got married or where you attended a wedding and see if you can still find the prawn cocktail from that wedding.... Americans do lovely seafood sass BTW.   

If Jesus did have a wife, common sense dictates that he would. Would she be white like he and his followers were?

Suffer the little children for I love to cum onto thee ..... All sounds like a pedo handbook to me which explains why there are so many Christian pedos. You Christians and Muslims ..... yer all Jews gone wrong.
Shame on you Professor Karen King and yer agenda.