Thursday, 27 September 2012

Billionaires Are So Wise

You need to listen to Australian mining tycoon Gina Rinehart. Do you think its easy turning a paltry $75 million into $18 billion? Look at her I bet she went without meals, went without sleep thinking about the stress of Christmas time and how her kids won't be getting much this year, I bet she went without healthcare and because she didn't have a car had to steal a shopping cart to push her groceries home every month when her food stamps came through, I bet the only work she could get was under the table and paid at the discretion of the employer and she was grateful for those few extra dollars because that meant she could make the rent this month and afford toilet paper.

When Old Knudsen's dad died all that Old Knudsen inherited was his dashing good looks..... looks like she only got her Da's money.  

Like so many business people Rinehart wants to exploit the poor so she can employ people for less. Outsourcing is a good business practice and works for the employer while everyone else gets fucked. Whine whine whine, "they are closing our firm doon and moving it to China, this is a disgrace." You didn't complain when they closed the firm doon somewhere else and moved it to yer area.

Billionaires just don't have the same thinking and needs as the average person does.