Saturday, 22 September 2012

A Date With A Grey

He came from the Zeta Reticuli star system, a small, thin humanoid with hairless grey skin, a disproportionately large head and enormous black eyes that may or may not actually be some sort of synthetic covering that protects the creatures real eyes, hiding his soul from me.

The small thin lipped and toothless mouth sneered in an 80's rock star manner, his eyes considered me numerically and in a very ambient way ...... My mind feels as if I'm throwing in crappy words that would make an obsequious dog attack a hamster's hot throbbing cock during a high tide. 

We conflated hard on the stairs, his low grunting mellifluous to my slutty ears as he pounded my ass. The pain the pleasure the Tintinnabulation making me beg for more, "ohh baby, yer the best, give it to me huh, give it to yer bad gurl." Twisting and turning inside me he sudden flopped out. Stepping off the stairs he cocked his head and asked, "in what way have you been bad?"  I sighed. 

"On my home world best behaviour and good manners are the most attractive attribute to have, my little rocket refuses to take off now that I suspect you of acting in a fashion unbecoming of a lady, perhaps you jumped the line at the shops or took a handful of complimentary mints instead of just one at a restaurant, my mind is racing."

"For fuck sake!" 

"Do not despair" he said in an emollient way, "my 49 clones have very low standards and will fuck several shades of shite out of you."