Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Why Loyalism Will Be Destroyed

As expected there was trouble in Belfast this 12th July marching season. Whenever the Loyalist bands get told they can't march past Catholic homes yelling their insults and playing their tunes about killing Fenians or about the Irish famine they get angry and riot. Drinking all day in the sun doesn't help matters either.

The bands were also told they were not allowed to play sectarian music while walking past Catholic chapels, they have done this for numerous years and even go out of their way to do it. Of course some bands test the law and do as they please like they did this year ..... what a sucky attitude. 

She got lucky and her injuries are non life threatening. 

There was a riot and a girl was run over by an Orangeman who drove into the crowd. The story is that he panicked but we'll see. Why was he there in his car anyway?

Police and photographers have been injured by Loyalists throwing bottles and metal bolts and one PSNI officer was bitten on the hand and needed 12 stitches, no dog was mentioned so I'm assuming it was a rabid flegger. An Inspector also suffered from a severed ear.

Billy Hutchinson is a paramilitary pretending to be a politician. 

Old Knudsen has had his fair share of bonfires and parades, it's stupid and boring. I've been making supporters and enemies online by putting out opinions that need to be out there. The Loyalists online automatically class me as a Fenian, little do they know I'm a Unionist who has served Queen and cuntry .... unlike the majority of them. They don't make me angry because I'm all ready angry so comments about me sucking on my momma's nipples just wash over me.

I compliment the person on their insult that was cutting edge more than 10 years ago and mention how my dead mother was cremated so her nipples are not much good now. 

The Loyalists try to justify their actions by blaming everyone except themselves. An Orangeman drove his car into a crowd of Catholic residents, hitting 3 and driving on top of a young girl and yet that is the fault of the police.

If they say that there wouldn't be trouble if they had let them march then you could say that there wouldn't be trouble if they weren't total dicks or if there weren't any parades. The lack of cognitive complexity is astounding.

Loyalism is a dirty word and Loyalist now means and ignorant, poorly educated drunken lout. They may define themselves with flags and sectarian hatred but they are also defined by their actions and words.

The Orange Order and all their Loyalist minions do their cause more harm every time they fail to obey the law or when they erect Nazi and Confederate flags along side their paramilitary flags. They will get more and more sanctions put onto their parades and they will push back and blindly lash out thus causing more harm.

People are smiling, can't be Prods.

The sham fight at Scarva where some Orange Order groups do a reenactment of a fake fight between King William of Orange and King James is the direction in which Loyalism must go. It isn't serious and it's a celebration rather than a sour faced parade, we need more of that.
It needs to be more American 4th July celebration than a gloating trouble making hate fest. No one burns the Union flag on the 4th July and everyone is made to feel welcome.

The Republicans or Nationalists .... whatever you want to call them can see what the Loyalists are doing and if they can refrain from rioting, burning Orange Order halls and from behaving like Loyalists then they will win the long game.

Loyalists will destroy themselves by their actions especially as the older more respectable ones die off leaving the younger hot heads to take charge. Politicians and the police need to see this and they need to quit sniping at each other and at the Parades Commission and join forces to work for the will of the people, not the angry mob and their tantrums.

Leaders today must start working on their legacy and make compromises or Loyalism will be that thing that criminals did every summer. The current behaviour is not acceptable.


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