Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Virgin Teens Of Terror Strike

Even tough guys need wooly gloves for the cold.

Near Belfast's Broadway roundabout a group of youths scrawled a message on a wall saying that Taigs will be crucified. Then they pulled up their hoods, a couple had gotten their granny to knit them ski masks and they posed for a chilling picture .... well it looked chilly at least. 

 Planks holding planks. 

You can see from the picture that 2 or 3 might be 16 or 17 year-olds while several are like 13 years-old if that. Old enough to cause trouble if directed to do so by a community worker paramilitary hood. That is what they have been doing for years the adults stay to the back giving orders while the younger ones who won't do any serious jail time do the work at the front. 

Do you know where yer children are? ..... Do you even give a shit? That is what happens when abortion is illegal, all the unwanted wee fuckers hanging around causing trouble and Loyalists breed like Fenians popping out a litter of 5 plus at a time. Do those kids in the picture looked loved? I doubt any of them have a pair of trousers with a zipper that isn't their school uniform. It wouldn't be difficult to find those track suits, I'm sure they all hang around the nearest bonfire site, if only we had police who weren't afraid of confrontation .... give Old Knudsen a badge and a gun and he'll clean up the streets like he did in Rio until Amnesty stepped in.

Do these wee cunts think they are ISIS? It takes a lot of time and effort to crucify someone and not to mention the screaming, their screaming, not the victim. I bet these wankers even tag each other in the pictures they post. What the fuck does VTOT mean?  Virgin Teens Of Terror? 

Balls on the Falls.
Anyway it was a shite advertising stunt considering they never said when it was to start. Tomorrow? Next week? August? Did you see ISIS threatening to crucify people? They only threatened to behead people for a laugh as they had already did it. They then they went from burning people alive, to crucifying to drowning .... they have so much shit going on you won't find them down at the balls on the Falls roundabout taking selfies in the dark.    

They have gangs of children younger than 10 practicing to be cunts by shooting Syrian soldiers in the head ... and you have planks. 

What about partially skinning a person's torso and stitching the skin around their head so they suffocate? .... the old Afghan way. I mean get out there, the world is full of torture methods and crucifixion is serious work and not very rewarding if you don't want to get caught. 

When a group of 12 spides start walking towards me with their elasticated leisure rape suits I run like fuck because if I wanted to be raped I'd join the army again or get sent to prison again, no street urchins for me, you never know what they have. I don't think, 'oh no I'm gonna be crucified' anyways crucifixion is a doddle.  

Old Knudsen isn't a Taig so they wouldn't crucify him .... he isn't a Prod either so they might just crucify him. The old axiom of the streets is that if there is a doubt on the religion of a snatched straggler then just assume they are a Fenian. The same as on the other side for Huns .... Yes in Belfast being a Jew, Muslim or Pagan tree hugger means yer generally fucked cos then you may be accused of being ghey to justify yer um crucifixion.

8/10 for spelling crucified and being a little different than usual of course no points for empty threats now go clean yer rooms. 



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