Friday, 12 June 2015

The End Of The World So Soon After The Last Time

Don't have enough crazy in yer life? Then get yerself some religion. Pastor Lindsey Williams says an asteroid is heading our way and we're fucked, not proper fucked though so it's probably just a five-megaton city killer rather than a 100-megaton cuntry killer. If a cuntry killer were to land on Ireland would the destruction stop at the Northern Ireland border? I suppose if it were a Fenian asteroid it would probably say that Ireland is one cuntry .... just my luck, a fucking shinner asteroid.

I don't know if a 100 megaton could destroy several small cuntries or just one big one, I ain't no Scientologist, go ask Neil deGrasse Tyson since he knows it all according to Facebook memes. 

Williams says that on 24th September "the Abyss will open and the days of darkness will begin" then he says to know what is coming in the next 4 years you should buy his book.

 A typical Illuminati coven.

An asteroid will hit and the Illuminati will rise up and take control during the chaos. The sort of thing that Russell Brand is into, don't vote because the system is unjust, trust in the Illuminati instead. The Illuminati promise us social reform and pledge to revitalize the NHS and rid us of the pre-existing paradigms of this bacchanalian profit driven dystopia.

But will they get rid of the bloody immigrants cos they are the ones that cause all the trouble, it used to just be Irish and Jews but now we've got that lot from Ebola landing on our beaches in rubber boats.

 Caitlin Jenner after her extra chromosome implant.

Never mind all of that, did you see Caitlin Jenner twerking at the kids choice awards? She is sooo courageous and not at all hideous inside and out. DAMN YOU ILLUMINATI AND YER DISTRACTIONS!!!!!!

The question is, why is NASA pretending like there are no city killing asteroids coming at us at the moment, are they in on it too? Before we know it we'll hear a thump and though there may be a cloud of ash killing all the crops the 1% will be ok with their gold plated fans and heat lamps while the poor plebs throw buckets of ice over their heads and share cat videos.

 Persecuted like Jesus.
Pastor Williams also says the stock market will crash in September or October .... no shit a big fuck off asteroid is going to hit us, we'll be trading sex for food and burning bank notes to stay warm. 

Of course he also said the dollar would crash in 2014 but instead it got stronger, um God works in mysterious ways maybe? 

Williams has friends in the Illuminati elite and has all the answers, if you buy his DVD Healing the elite way you'll see he knows all. He asks the question 'Why has no US president ever died from cancer?' .... it's because they have the cure. Ok sure president Grant died from throat cancer cos he loved his cigars but we'll ignore that one, other presidents have had cancer but it never killed them. 

Sure Reagan might have given his daughter the cure and Clinton should have given it to his Ma but you don't get to the top without being a cunt, except for Carter who was lovely. 

Wow this Baptist minister sure has a lot of irons in the fire, I count 14 DVD sets that give you everything you need to survive the New world order, everything except money cos you'll be buying his shitty DVD's ach you should have been dumping yer money and hoarding gold anyways. 


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