Sunday, 24 May 2015

The DUP Call For The Great Wall Of Ulster

Peter Robinson leaving church this morning.

Peter Robinson the leader of the DUP in Northern Ireland has called for a wall to be built along the border with southern Ireland to keep the gheys out. 

"In light of their referendum on same sex marriage we need a large wall to keep them out or they'll be coming up here infecting good Christian people with their sin and forcing them to marry homosexuals. I hear that Gerry Adams married 3 men yesterday though he denies it all."

Asked if he thought that his plan would seem a little homophobic to the public he said: 

"It doesn't matter what people think, it's in the Bible ... sure I can't give you the exact quotes but I'm sure it's in there somewhere, maybe at the back, I haven't actually read it but I hear it's very good, like Game of thrones but more rapey."

His wife The whore of Babylon Iris wasn't with him at the service as she tends to writhe in pain when she steps upon holy ground and the screaming and the smoke rising from her is very distracting for the minister giving the sermon. 

The Irish government issued a statement saying that they welcome the building of a wall and if they get a break from all the cock sucking they may even help to build it. 

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