Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Blacks With Guns

 Open carry Compton, somebody call the cops.

The way Americans talk about the Second Amendment you'd think it was the most important thing written in stone that thumps basic human rights. The reason it's in the constitution is in case the public need to overthrow the government again. You may recall that America resented paying tax to the king so they rebelled (with the help of the French) and then were able to tax themselves and add tax onto much more stuff including moonshine which the poor hillbillies who fought against the British did not appreciate. 

A well armed militia was actually what kept the slaves from uprising long before the revolutionary war and was actually more important than over throwing the government. The uprisings of 1712 and 1739 really put the frighteners on whitey. 

Millions of citizens are preparing themselves in case they need to overthrow the government. Using the 2nd amendment not to have a well armed militia with muskets but to have semi-automatic assault rifles and tactical shotguns. The slogan 'because we can' is the motto of the National Rifle Association who aim to have countless guns everywhere, unlocked (free) and preferably at child level or sitting in purses and drawers.

What could make the America public over throw the government?  

Lyndon B Johnston  had president Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr killed and escalated Vietnam, no rebellion then.

George Herbert Bush fucked up the Gulf war, left a tyrant in place and betrayed those who joined to fight Saddam setting the stage for American hatred around the globe, fucking over brown people, not enough for rebellion.    

President Clinton may have been great for the economy but he lied under oath ... not enough for rebellion, Nixon lied, they all lie but not all get caught out. Now Clinton's wife (another liar) is running for preez next year.

George Walker Bush rigged the election and invaded two cuntries that did not pose a threat to the US. He used 9/11 to take away civil liberties and introduce advanced methods of domestic surveillance on the population. 6,840 U.S. service members died during Operation Iraqi Freedom which totally failed, they died for nothing. He bombed Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Somalia .... still not enough for rebellion. If you liked those 8 years then vote Jeb in 2016 for more Bush fuck ups because America is not hated enough.

Barack Hussein Obama II increased the US government's ability to spy on the American people 10 fold, increased drone attacks from Bush's 4 cuntries to 7 cuntires, he bombed and is still bombing Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Syria, he may have also bombed the Philippines in 2006 and 2012. He has aided puppet governments to gain power and even though he bombs predominantly Muslim cuntries he still gets accused of being a Muslim .... still not enough for a rebellion though. 

What the fuck will it take? Maybe it isn't about the 2nd amendment and that is just an excuse ... like how people use religion to be dicks. 
It's ok, it must be open carry since they are nice white people.

A black president who didn't live up to the hype and to this day America is divided by race and obviously the social dynamics that go along with that. The honest poor down on their luck white person has turned into a lazy black criminal underclass of poor people probably on drugs ... poor white people? No such thing, I'm not listening la la la. 

There is a race problem in the US which has been ignored for so long because it would be racist to talk about it. The civil rights movement got equal rights but lost momentum when MLK was killed.  There was no one to shame the US and those left played the race card in a pale imitation of a civil rights movement. The U.S. and the world lost big time when JFK and MLK were murdered.

White man's guilt of owning slaves makes people say 'person of color' and gets them to leave out a slave owning ancestor from a family history show as it is too uncomfortable to face. Just mentioning white privilege makes a liberal flinch and apologize for being Caucasian.  You can call a white person cracker or whitey but you can't call a black person nigger or thug. 

You shouldn't need to use racial or sexist slurs to insult or to make a point when the words stupid, idiot, fucker, cocksucking cum guzzler are available and apply to anyone. Only point out racial and sexist traits during satire or to keep the ethnics and the weemen in their place. 

  My place is over Old Knudsen's wheelie bin, do you know your place?   

Now to inform you what yer gun courage is really about. I doubt many gun owning Yanks love firearms the way you'd love a car or a finely made sandwich, Old Knudsen loves them, he may not always know the name of them but he does know the sound they make when they kill someone.   

Even the movies don't want to arm black people.

The only thing worse than the thought of background checks for white people gun owners or having the guns they own somehow restricted in use or number is the thought of black people with guns. 

For some reason white people are sorely afraid of ethnic people. Is it that they fear being treated the way they have treated non-whites throughout history? Luckily Obama is half white and is white friendly/non threatening. More examples of white friendly/non threatening black men would be Will Smith, Denzil Washington and Morgan Freeman .... The Rock is big and mean looking but he's part of the system too.

 Protesting social injustice in Baltimore. 

The riots in Baltimore which were sparked off when a black guy died in police custody were bad enough but it's lucky they didn't have guns. In 1985 the Philadelphia police dropped 2 bombs on a building to get to a group of African-American activists called MOVE who were disrupting the neighborhood with a loud speaker. The police had also fired 10,000 rounds of ammo into the house, and MOVE did fire back.

Two bombs were dropped and the fire department and the police stood by as the block burned killing five children, six adults and leaving 200 people without homes. They said it wasn't safe to help with the fire and shot at people trying to leave. The ironic thing is that Philadelphia (City of Brotherly Love) had its first black mayor then. 

They want yer white weemen and prescription medications.

Imagine the panic if several black folks had guns in public, the white people would shit a brick. A white man can walk around exercising his 2nd amendment rights and a cop might calmly talk to him but a black person will have SWAT called on him.
Sure it's radial profiling as it is naturally assumed that black people come from poor neighborhoods and so must be more likely to be criminals. It's racial profiling in overdrive and every black person gets judged which is not cool. 
If a black parent gives his kid 'the talk' it isn't about sex, it's about how to act when stopped by a cop. 

Bill de Blasio the white mayor of New York got into trouble when he mentioned having the talk with his black son, New York has an aggressive Stop and Frisk Policy. Of course the NYPD do have it out for de Blasio and will use anything to get to him so they accused him of stirring up racial tensions ... not that the stop and frisk policy does that of course.  

A black guy getting arrested for no reason then ending up dead is a valid excuse to have 'the talk' with your young and if you take that as insulting then yer a twat, it's the real world, this shit happens. Driving while black isn't some term made up for a comedy movie it's a real thing.

Movie makers in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the high ups in the police and government tend to share the same skin colour that rhymes with shite.

You can't compare each arrest as the officer and circumstances may be different but white people do tend to get more lee way and softer treatment when getting arrested. 
A cop was commended when he didn't use lethal force on a white guy who had killed and was charging him, of course the criminal's father was a cop but I'm sure that had nothing to do with it. If the guy was black and not related to the P.D. would he be alive?  

 Would black bikers detained by police be sitting with their hands free and texting? 

I've seen enough and know enough of how it works. 

Any Police department may cite the numbers of ethnic officers as an answer to calls of racism but a black cop is foremost a police officer and a black person second ... especially in the eyes of the public. Some idiot blacks will harass them as traitors, they just can't win.

White America doesn't want guns in case they need to overthrow the government, they need them to protect them from black people. It isn't to do with freedom, it's to do with fear. 


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