Monday, 1 October 2012

Nick Giffin Loves The Orange Order

Ugh, sorry, I saw a black person and threw up in my mouth.

Nick Griffin the leader of the BNP which is a political party on the old keep the UK white platform, yeah talk about freedom of speech and we don't even have it in the UK.

As far as Old Knudsen is concerned it stands for British Nazi Pricks, they tried to hi-jack supporting the veterans but were slapped back. Like the KKK but British they'll deny they are racist all the while promoting white British people only..... you know the sort.

She even painted herself orange, thats dedication

Speaking of Nazis, the Orange Order had a wee march on Saturday to mark the 100 year of shite since the signing of the Ulster Covenant. 
Really boring history lesson alert:

1912 the British were talking to the Irish government to hand over control of Northern Ireland 'Ulster' to Dublin.
The Ulster protestants afraid that the Irish from Dublin would treat them as shamefully and as shite as they have treated the Catholics in Ulster signed a petition against the power change over and set up a militia to kill British soldiers if need be ..... they became traitors in other words.

Half a million signed the covenant ...... 3,000 signed an anti-covenant and thousands of others didn't sign anything.

So now you have Ulster in the shite state its in hooray! ... still British and now neither the British or the Irish want Ulster..... can you blame them?

Parades marching past trouble making Catholics asking for something outrageous called respect

 While an estimated 30,000 marched to the parliament buildings called Stormont the Orange Order found that they had a fan.

Nick Griffin leader of the BNP turned up. He made the news by tweeting insults at Catholics calling them Fenians. It seems hes been going to Ulster unionist parades since 1976 and turned up as a member of the public.

Some Orangemen had their sensibilities offended by a bigot being there ..... while the Orange order are bigots they try to convince others they are not by putting on a Christian front, anyone can join ...  as long as you are Protestant.

It must of been like looking into a mirror and not liking what they saw. They quickly put out that they did not invite him, no they only invited  members of the UVF a protestant paramilitary terrorist gang that got its start by the covenant .... they are historical even though they are nothing but thick necked thugs who don't know the right way how to hang a union jack.

I'm glad Giffin when there, it shows you what kind of people support the Orange Order cause.