Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hurricane Sandy Update

Here is the latest news on Hurricane Sandy, if yer prone to bouts of panic then stop reading.

There may be scattered showers and heavy winds. Take a taxi.

A military guard was first posted on March 25, 1926. The first 24-hour guard was posted on midnight, July 2, 1937. The Tomb of the Unknowns has been guarded continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, since that time. Inclement weather, terrorist attacks, etc do not cause the watch to cease.

How noble ..... how fucking stupid! was the unknown soldier really Jesus and they are expecting him to come back? How come he gets special treatment ? there have been loads of soldiers with names who have sacrificed as much, do their tombs/small graves get guarded? its a fucking depression, lay off the silly expenses.    Get the troops out delivering the mail if they are so tough, a tiny bit of bad weather and the US postal service just forgets to deliver.

Why aren't those troops fighting looters? 

Now don't go telling me there aren't any looters. Its America, I've seen the movies.

All cheerleaders look like this.

Oh fuck sake......

I wonder if all the flooding in England and Wales this year made the US news.We didn't complain, we held pool parties in the sewer water .... the stiff upper lip, make do attitude that got us through the blitz still lives ... unlike most of those who swan in the sewer water though.

There can be only one winner from this and the world is watching. 
Romney fucked himself by saying government aid was immoral. Privatising FEMA indeed. He has peeps everywhere and he wants to make them all money somehow.
Going by the ant-socialist theme that is America, you should let the people rot. The US government isn't there to help the people in times of disaster yet everyone expects it .... not having health care, losing yer job and home due to illness seems like a disaster yet many don't think that the government should help. 
America was built on hard work and bravery, it was also built on ethnic cleansing but thats something that gets ignored.