Saturday, 6 October 2012

Assange Is Surrounded

Look at that sly malevolent stare that suggests he is better than you. Now I don't want to influence your choice but really, without yon wishy washy war is bad Assange is a fighter for truth shite is he a RAPIST or do you think hes a hero ?

What the fuck kind of name is Julian anyway? sounds a little rapey to me.

Assange who  recently gave an interview comparing his confinement to living in a space station said that he may go to  Ecuador someday and that him and his staff could safely travel to and from a number of friendly countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, Russia, Brazil, India, Venezuela, Chile and Argentina.
Those cuntries are ones he considers friendly? does no one else see anything wrong with this. He bitches about the US does this and that then says that Russia is a friendly cuntry ....... what a cock sucker.

In case you were wondering he has a strict exercise regime, seeing a personal trainer every other day. He also has a lung issue and a racking cough. He hopes that if he stays in the Ecuadorean embassy long enough the rape charges against him will get dropped. 

He enjoys watching movies on his laptop ..... probably snuff movies and plays Farmville, see I told you he was a cunt.