Saturday, 3 October 2009

We All Have Our Scars

What do ya think about those bored academics from the University of Liverpool's School of Biological Sciences who said that Western women find scarring on men attractive and may associate it with health and bravery? Its a rhetorical question as yer opinion matters not to me unless I can get something out of appearing interested.

It also seems that men find women with or without scars attractive. Yes Liverpool is full of shallow cunts, but hey they are quick and witty like the Irish but harder to understand ............. don't you Irish go taking that as a compliment.

Old Knudsen did a study and found the Irish were more into warts and boils and that Franz Liszt who was always pissed (drunk) and the great lord or Ireland Oliver Cromwell were the Emerald isle's number one and two disrespectfully sex symbols of all time.

Women rated scarring as an attractive quality for short-term relationships because they found it be a symbol of masculinity, in other words a bad boy who will get them up the duff and knock them around.

Men without scars are seen as more caring boring types and therefore more suitable for long-term relationships.

Tina Fey who may or not be Sarah Palin has a facial scar. It happened when she was 5 year-old and standing in her front garden, some cunt she didn't know came along and slashed her. Yeah big man with a knife, Old Knudsen gets on like a 5 year-old sometimes cum and have a go if ya think yer hard enough.
Getting back on track Old Knudsen would totally give it to Tina up the jammy dodger scar or not so he mocks the findings by those without real jobs.

People who get paid for thinking and messing around are lucky jammy cunts. Actress Summer Glau the perky lass pictured above showing you where not to put yer finger on a weapon unless you are shooting it does not have any scars that Old Knudsen knows of but Old Knudsen would totally give it to Summer up the jammy dodger until winter. Old Knudsen does not discriminate for he hates all but will lower himself for his hole.

Harrison Ford has a scar on his chin, he got it years ago when he worked as a carpenter/puppy killer it seems that one of the mutts had a collar on and when it went into the wood chipper a piece flew out and struck the handsome star, he has hated dogs ever since and even turned doon those excellent Beethoven films, yer loss Mr Ford.

Hollywood has known about scaring for years, a big scar means Bond villain and a small over the eyebrow scar means hunk who has been in a fight but we still want him to look good.

Hey Bruce! Asshole Koocher with 1 million followers on Twatter is fucking yer ex while yer kids call him daddy and he may do a Woody Allen later, do ya wanna cum over for dinner tonight to show how adult and not at all creepy things are?

Remember my fight against Cardinal Ratzinger in 2003? Old Knudsen wore a plaster (Band-aid) over his eye to hide a weeping boil, it wasn't my complete annihilation of the Ratman that got me mostly female gunties through the mail it was the plaster. Yes a lot of tattered, stained belly warmers did cum from Ireland.

I hear the Ratman who is only 82 has been in training for 2010 when it so happens we will both be in the UK .

Old Knudsen challenges any cult a system of religious beliefs and ritual also great devotion to a person, idea, or thing leaders to hand to hand combat and yes you may form a cult just to fight Old Knudsen he will pencil you in for a near death experience.


Fat Sparrow said...

"women find scarring on men attractive and may associate it with health and bravery"

Strange, I always associated facial scars with men who were:

1) too dumb to be able to shave correctly,

2) too dumb to watch where they were walking,

3) too dumb to stay out of a fight where they knew they'd get their shit kicked in.

Now, scars on the hands are all manly and thing, 'cause that means you know how to fix shit.

Wait, that may just mean you're too dumb to not put your hand in the lawn mower... I guess I'll just have to go back to my golden standard for sexiness and manliness: Simon Pegg.

MJ said...

I challenge Old Knudsen to go hand to hand with this guy.

I was promised a bumper banana crop but they withered and drooped.

Old Knudsen said...

fat sparrow Yes the man that gave him the scar would be more manly or in the case of Billy one ear it was bitten off by a woman.

If you hooked up with the lovely Simon Pegg I suspect you'd be the daddy.

MJ As it happens Old Knudsen is in the Morobe province every 3 to 4 months I shall give this banana lover what for.

Donn w/2nz said...

I have not one but two manly scars. One above my lip from stopping a slapshot..tres candienne n'est-ce pas?
And one above my left eye from passing out on my feet while ingesting too much rye whiskey...also pretty canadian eh?

Unfortunately the floor that stopped my rapid descent was made of also explains a lot of why, to this day, my brain functioning is a little wonky.

I would love to concur with your theory about my manly scars driving the ladies wild..except the vast majority of them, like Sparrow, immediately realise what a reckless dolt I must have been in my youth.