Saturday, 25 October 2008

Schadenfreude Saturday

Listen to yer da Dr Phil

There has been various rumours that Dr Phil McGraw and his wife Robin are getting a divorce and that he has cheated on her. I'm here to tell you that their marriage is 'fundamentally' sound.

I can't stand the cunt. A big Texan twat who you can just tell is a fake ex jock type. Most people with degrees in psychology don't have a clue about people I wonder how long he spent searching for his catchphrases I wonder how thats working out for him.

I can read people pretty good and this big swaggering slap head is as false as Jessica Simpson's arse in the Dukes of Hazard.

Robin looks like she has had a little too much plastic surgery what is she so self conscious about? She patiently sits and waits for his show to finish so they can walk out together to show how strong they are, is that really needed?

Lord and lady cunt and cuntess

If they do divorce that will be his $200 million career over as he can't practice what he preaches. I don't think Robin would want the alimony cheques to dry up so they will continue to put up a front.

Did you know that people with any kind of mental disorder such as Bi-Polar are not allowed in his studio audience? I don't think he does well with mental issues which is why he fucked up with Brittany Spears big time. Not a good idea to turn up with a camera crew to help people out.

Dr Phil tells the audience what they want to hear and dresses it up in home spun folksy crap, like Sarah Palin but with better writers.

Texans aren't known for their introspective side so if you tell me he is a touchy feely bloke then I'll tell you yer dumber than a cat on a hot griddle playing a banjo.

Ha ha Dr Phil yer losing yer audience as fast as yer hair.

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Eddie Waring said...

Knudsen - Are you still wearing the same pair of pants as last time we met? I have missed you. Whenever I get into a piss smelling parking lot lift, I think of you.

Dr. Phil can fuck off into obscurity for all I care. To use the big daft twats own words "Failure is no accident".

Old Knudsen said...

I wear trousers lad. Whenever I have a shite I think of you, especially when I wipe and it won't go away.

WT said...

But how does this make you feel?

Old Knudsen said...


MJ said...

Is Eddie Waring a Klingon?

the projectivist said...

If Dr. Phil and Robin break up, Robin will get her own talk show. There'll be fashion, cooking and maybe she'll get that bloke off Queer Eye to do the home makeovers?

Because we need more talk shows.
no, really.