Thursday, 22 September 2016

Jump Scare Shooter

 Terrence (left) and his father. The fashion police were not called.

Terrence Crutcher was a big black man .... aye the stuff that whitey's nightmares are made of.  He had a rap sheet of concealing a weapon and resisting arrest for which he got a 6 month suspended sentence and some traffic violations too. Those crimes were 11 years old though and not serious enough for jail time. 

Traffic violations is a big earner for police departments so this is fucken serious. The 40 year-old's car stalled in the middle of the road and a cop car pulled up to see what was up.

The big black man walked towards the police because hey, he hadn't done anything wrong and maybe they could help him get home right? They shouted to see his hands so he raised them. They said they continued to talk to him but he refused to listen and walked towards his SUV. 

Officer Betty Shelby responded to the call. Her husband, another police officer was in the helicopter watching events unfold on the ground. She probably thought this big black man was going to rape her. Gun, taser, gun, taser which one to use? Officer Shelby often lay awake at night thinking of BBC so this was probably her worst nightmare.

For some reason Crutcher walked to his SUV then to the driver's door. The police said he reached into the vehicle though his body movement doesn't show any reaching. If anything it looks like he reached to open the door. His body didn't arch to reach through the open window, only his arm moved .... he was big remember.

The cops in the chopper were giving newscaster like commentary saying how Crutcher isn't listening to commands and maybe on something. One says "time for taser I think" and the other says that's what he thinks is going to happen and how he looks like a "bad dude" too.

Yes it did look like he was walking away and here is what I think is happening. Crutcher has it in his head that he hasn't done anything wrong, he broke down for fucks sake, he's shown he's unarmed and he's 40. In his mind he's a father, son and a good guy enrolled in college. He probably didn't think that a cop would shoot him, that shit happens to other people so he's intent on explaining himself.

You get yer own dialogue in yer head and follow it because that is what you know.

The cops pull over, it's a large black dude in the middle of the road. Is he armed, are there others, is this a police ambush? On this road with the light fading they are on high alert rather than assume he has just broken down and needs help.

Old Knudsen has served in urban settings with a loaded weapon during a time of stress and terrorist ambushes, he never went about crapping himself and shooting people. I understand the fear and the mind set that police would have, though US cops seem very afraid.

That's what happens when you become too reliant on guns. The rest of the world thinks a knife or broken bottle is a fine weapon but Americans freak out when they merely think about being gun-less. That's why they can never win a war without help.

Second guessing American police seems to be a thing these days. In a world of cameras the old shit is hard to get away with. Mistakes now get questioned. How many Rodney Kings was there before Rodney King?

There is more outrage at some ball player not standing for the national anthem than there is for an unarmed man getting shoot dead for no reason other than cop fear.

Look at the last picture. That was how far from the car they were. Four police officers. The bald one fired the taser hitting Crutcher and then Shelby shoot him instantly after being tasered. With guns pointed they walked backwards as if Crutcher was still a threat. No one checked if he was alive or not. 

The cop on the far side had his hand on his hips or resting on his pouches and gun all throughout this stop. He obviously didn't feel threatened. He only pulled his gun at the end to cover their retreat from the dying man who later died in hospital.

Yeah lets make sure we follow procedure when we back away, wouldn't want to get into trouble.

Shelby probably reacted in panic set off by her taser officer. This panic and mindset cost an innocent man his life. 

Recently a 74 year-old volunteer reserve sheriff deputy for the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office was found guilty of killing another unarmed black guy by shooting him in the back. He claimed to have used his pistol by mistake as he thought it was his stun gun. He was heard on tape saying, "Oh! I shot him! I'm sorry!"

 Trump and his tokens that he calls "The Blacks"

Not to sound like Trump but something has to be done. Trump is firmly on the side of the police no matter who they kill. He has said that if black lives matter so much then go back to Africa ..... then he probably went on about how black people love him. 

Police departments need more funding, better and more training, higher standards of hiring and more accountability. None of that them and us mindset that armed forces often have in regards to soft no skin in the game civvies.

Old Knudsen doesn't blindly support anyone, he'll support them to a point as long as they behave with integrity. Not all cops are killers and panic stricken jump scare shooters. Not all Muslims are terrorists, not all Catholic Priests are pedos and not all big black men are bad dudes.  

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