Tuesday, 21 July 2015

David Cameron Needs A Holiday Or Three

David Cameron who just recently begrudgingly took a 10% pay rise after shrugging, "nothing I can do about it so I'll give more to charity then" and it's true, the woman at Tesco collecting for guide dogs for blind alcoholics with cancer said he did indeed put a 20p instead of his usual 10p into her bucket. 

Politicians pay may not be performance related but I'm sure they deserve £74,000 a year ....

Unlike all those lazy healthcare workers who tweeted to show Jeremy Hunt that they were working weekends .... aye yer doing an 80 hour shift but you have plenty of time to take a selfie, cut their pay stat!

Cameron also begrudgingly takes 3-4+ holidays every year and will be taking 3 this summer. You can't have the leader of one of the most self-entitled cuntries in the world getting ill from over work. I'm sure the recent election was very hard work. People say that digging ditches is hard work but you try being a politician. All that stress of hiding yer true intentions from the public can be tough. 

He maintains that he is still in charge of the nation while on holiday which makes you wonder what he does all day. I wasn't sleeping, I was just resting my eyes and wondering what public services to cut.

He just wants to remind the British public that while many of us struggle to pay our bills and see little hope in the future especially as more government cuts are being made that we are all still in this together.

Of course he plans to be in this together in Portugal. He'll also have breaks in Cornwall and Scotland but not in the shit places that normal folks go to.  


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