Monday, 6 July 2015

A Heads Up

So yer a good looking young guy who used to work as a Disney character at Disneyland and you find yerself at a friend's house celebrating the 4th July up in Maine.

For a joke Devon Staples aged 22, put a mortar tube firework on his head and pretended to light it. His friends advised against it but in a freak accident he lit the fuse while it was on his head, good bye good looks and a party finishing at 10pm. Yep he was killed instantly and so was the party mood.

Experts have stated that 96% of drunk males are likely to put something on top of their heads to get a laugh.  

Not a very pleasant outcome but of all the stupid ways in which to die this one is kinda awesome because it had fireworks. It killed him straight away but the ooohs and aaahs lasted for a minute.

In  Montana a 32 year-old man died from a fireworks a mortar tube too and in New Jersey a 52 year-old man blew off a part of his lower leg, guess he wasn't trying hard enough.
The moral of the story is not to drink while handling explosives, not something you'd think twice about doing huh .... Being free to blow yerself up is what makes America great though suicide is still against the law as is selling yer body for sex.   

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