Friday, 5 June 2015

Penis Today Gone Tomorrow

Bruce Jenner has taken time from ruining yer childhood memories and from killing people with his car to have his sex change operation. As usual it was done in a quiet and dignified manner that Jenner and the Kardashians do everything in.

 If you squint and don't look too close ... nah it's horrid. 

The 65 year-old former athlete is now a MILF named Caitlyn .... no, not really a MILF, more like a BARF. From being a dodgy looking bloke who has had too much plastic surgery to being a dodgy looking woman who has had too much plastic surgery.  Go be a woman by all means, just don't go fooling yerself that you'll be a good looking one.

I'm no anti-sex change, I'm anti-arsewipe attention hoor. 

If anyone wants to cut off their penis then hey, go for it but seriously dudette no need to share. Aye I know it doesn't really get cut off but it might as well be. Maybe I just hate that family who have degraded the quality of life in general and have distracted the world from real shit. His Her son lamented on what a crappy dad she had been and holds out hope she'll be a better um mom?

Don't bother working on being a decent person, just have surgery instead. Maybe there is a pill or an app to not be a selfish cunt.

No wait, that's Janice Dickinson .... ugh too much huzz. Their faces .... growing old looks better than this, something is not right with these people, too much buttocks in their faces. 

 I can still be a mean kick ass action hero, call me Roxane.  

Caitlyn, who spells her name with a 'C' just to piss off his her ex Kris Jenner was awarded an award from ESPN for courage, her reaction was  "What the hell am I going to wear?" huh, you became a woman just to mock female stereotypes ... typical man.

Others have expressed disgust that basketball player Lauren Hill who at the age of 19 battled brain cancer with dignity all the while still playing for his team but died in April wasn't awarded it. Or Iraq veteran Noah Galloway who lost an arm and a leg but competes in extreme sports as well as Dancing With the Stars didn't get it.  

While sports isn't the real courage of a police officer or a fire fighter maybe they should re-think what this award is for. An elective surgery doesn't really compare with the other two award candidates though as it's not as if Caitlyn lives in Wisconsin or somewhere anti-ghey like that. Aye it really takes courage for a man to tuck it in and wear a dress in Callyfornia .... Fuck away aff who isn't a cross dresser there?   

Well I suppose that is why America is so great, you can become what ever you want assuming you have the money.  Bruce Caitlyn and Janice need to have a three way with David Hasslehoff just for the extreme grossness of it, there I've said it, now make it happen world.

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