Sunday, 21 June 2015

Orange Order Are Baffled That Their Abuse Tactics Aren't Working

The headline in the Belfast Fleggergraph Telegraph is 'Orange Order 'baffled' as billboard removed after complaints.'

A billboard promoting the Orange Order's new museum was removed in north Belfast because of complaints. The residents in the predominately Catholic Carrick Hill area have been branded intolerant because they did not want this poster in their area.  
I would have made my point in the Belfast Telegraph's comment section except they didn't have one for this story. They don't put comment boxes up for stories in which they want only one side to be told or for stories about equality and free speech ... funny that. 

The residents of Carrick Hill have had so much shit to put up with from the Fleggers of the Orange Order. The Belfast Telegraph calls the Carrick Hill area 'nationalist' rather than predominately Catholic because it sounds worse and makes it sound like they are all IRA supporters rather than people who want to live in peace. The writer of this piece David Young tends to seek more one sided opinion in his stories than actual well rounded facts.

The only view allowed to speak in the article .... the Orange Order said, "It is extremely concerning that a museum, which is Peace III funded, promoting outreach and providing a greater understanding of our shared history should be the cause of such contention. Our new facility in Belfast, and in Co Armagh, are both aimed to create greater awareness of Orangeism and its traditions, as well as promoting shared space and greater levels of reconciliation through education. Our extensive advertising campaign demonstrates our commitment to this objective."

Blah blah blah yes we are so surprised cos little ol us just want peace and to live together ..... whether they like it or not and under our terms, Sieg heil!  I think we all know all we want to about Flegger culture since it invades our lives every fucking year non fucking stop. Yes King William of Orange was a midget who like to push turds, he won a battle hooray! You know he hated Britain right? Aye he only wanted the money being king gave him to fund wars elsewhere.   

The sectarian Orange bastards continued, 

"It is unfortunate that there are some in society who would rather display intolerance, and in doing so promote apartheid in areas of our capital city."

So the people of north Belfast have had riots and fleggers camping out on Twaddell Avenue for the past few years and bands showing constant disrespect by playing sectarian tunes past their homes and chapel ... so they now have to put up with a billboard too.

It has nothing to do with Carrick Hill displaying intolerance, it has to do with them putting up with more and more abuser tactics. "So Billy, where should be put our posters?" ..... "The Fenian areas of course so they can come and share our history because I'm sure they can't fucking Google Orange history being the spawn of Satan and all" ...... "But would they not take that as another dig at them?" ..... "So fuck?" 

He thinks the world is 6,000 years old .... lol!

DUP politician Nelson McCausland who is not at all biased said,  "There is so much intolerance and bigotry in Carrick Hill that they can't tolerate even an Orange poster, never mind a parade."

If it's so bad then why do you insist on marching through it so much?  Nelson McCauseland often writes for the Belfast Telegraph, bet you can't guess what he constantly writes about. Do you see the similarities to the Confederate flag being flown at full mast in South Carolina after the recent shooting?
Would the Orange Order think a billboard promoting a movie about the life and times of Hitler be put up in front of a holocaust museum a good idea? ... It's just education.

Old Knudsen is from neither Protestant or Catholic community because both are full of fanatical bigots that spoil the lives of the decent people from those communities. Old Knudsen's community is the common sense equality community. Flags, murals, billboards and bonfires designed to put someone else down or to get a dig at them doesn't happen in Old Knudsen's community.

People don't march where they aren't welcome in Old Knudsen's community. Nobody uses 'tradition' as an excuse to be a dick in Old Knudsen's community. Slavery used to be a tradition as did weemen not having the vote .... doesn't mean it was right then and certainly isn't now.

This is Old Knudsen's answer to that biased news article about the baffled Orange Order, they are also baffled as to why butter does melt in their mouths since they are so innocent and Christian like and why ships do not fall off the edge of the world.        

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